Laura Robson Must Not Let One Loss Rock The Boat

Laura Robson must not let one loss rock the boat



It s the start of 2011 and for British tennis it s business as usual, both Murray and Laura Robson started well at the Hopman cup, only to suffer a comprehensive beating from the French. Whilst Murray will look past this loss and focus his attention on the new season and upcoming Australian Open, Laura will have to work hard to bring her confidence and performance up, and may well look to her sports PR team to help her uphold the British public s confidence in her too.

When Andy Murray was asked what he thought of his team-mate’s performance in their first group match at the Hopman Cup, Laura Robson, sitting alongside, answered for him: ‘Rubbish.’ Although the comic timing was impressive from a 16 year old, it is going to be her performance on the court that is going to be her most effective public relations tool.


Having said that, at the tender age of just 16, the next few years will determine how she is to be perceived in the public eye and so her off court public relations and

sports PR

strategy will play a part.

As an unseeded player, Laura caused a storm with her win at the 2008 Wimbledon Girls tournament – the first British winner for 24yrs to do so – becoming the PR story of the summer. The pressure was on the following year, coming close, but failing to deliver.

As with all British tennis players, the public and press pressure is immense. Whereas most have this thrust upon them at a later age, such as Henman and now Murray, Laura is experiencing a glimpse of the future that lies ahead of her at a far earlier age. Murray made some well documented public relations faux pars in his earlier years, and Laura would be wise to take guidance from a sports public relations agency to ensure she doesn t do the same.

Following this latest defeat, the challenge for her PR agency will be to remind the country of her previous achievements and obvious talent. An early loss in the season shouldn t be enough to rock the boat. With the correct reputation management and by building relationships with the press at this early stage, when the time comes that there are more important wins and losses, the press and ultimately the country will be supportive.

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