Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Business}

January 24th, 2018

Submitted by: Melissa Mashtonio

If you need to market your company, you know that marketing is getting more competitive everyday. It seems each new day brings a different batch of marketing techniques, making it hard to keep up. If you want to make your product stand out in the crowd, it is important to find marketing techniques that will do just that. Get your team together now to start coming up with ways to make your marketing unique. Here are some tips to help get your brain jump started.

One of the best ways to sell a product is to get it into the eye of the media. Try looking up world records and find something related to your product. Make an attempt to break this record in some sort of public arena. This will bring out the media to cover this interesting story. Also, try sponsoring a local event or sports team. The coverage given to the even or team will benefit you as your company name and product will be publicized.

Besides supporting local events, use your business’ profits to support a local charity that applies to your business and customers. This doesn’t mean giving away large amounts of cash: instead try giving a percentage of customer purchases to this charity. This will give customers incentive to buy your product. Advertise your generosity by placing information about the charity on your product if possible.

Another way to get your product known is to send out a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter dealing with your business. Write about recent happenings and include coupons for discounts. Add some humor to articles written by employees or comic strips to make it more interesting. Finally, add a section focusing on customers such as “the question of the month” or “the customer of the month.” For the latter you can pick a customer each month to interview and feature in the newsletter. Just make sure your newsletter is “opt-in” to avoid junk mail.

You can make your company more desirable to customers by creating a referral only business. This is not a good tactic for a business just starting, but once you’ve made a name for yourself you can become more exclusive. Being referral only will give your business an alluring nature and make potential customers interested in what they are missing out on.

Another way to give your company some credibility is to start creating articles and submitting them to article distributing sites. Write about topics that interest your customers and become an expert on the subject. Try to create “Top 10s”, “How Tos” and “Tips” as these articles are more appealing to readers. Another way to gain credibility is to create an award sponsored by your business. Publicize this annual award and make it something local businesses aspire to win.

You can use your website to your advantage by creating an area specifically for customer feedback and comments. This should be a type of forum where customers can ask you questions as well as interact with each other. Not only will this make your more credible to your customers but it will give great feedback about your product. In this section of your site, offer discounts as incentives for repeat purchases and offers or free trials.

One of the best ways to get your product and business name known is to create something free to give away to customers. Such items range from a pen to a t-shirt-anything is good as long as your company name and information is printed on it. Just make sure the item you give away will be useful to your customer. Also, try to make the object something relevant to your company. For example, it you own a massage parlor, give away stress balls or small samples of massage lotion to your customers.

Lastly, always give serious thought to ever marketing idea you receive. Some may seem crazy, but it doesn’t hurt to try them out. If the idea flops, you’ll know not to do it again. If the idea is a success, you’ll be happy you tried it. Try as many as you can to find what works right for your business.

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company research

. The site ( offers free market research on more than 45 million companies worldwide.


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News briefs:April 23, 2010

January 24th, 2018

 Correction — August 24, 2015 These briefs incorrectly describe BP as ‘British Petroleum’. In fact, such a company has not existed for many years as BP dropped this name when becoming a multinational company. The initials no longer stand for anything. 
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Selecting A Bathroom Suite To Complement Your House}

January 23rd, 2018

Submitted by: Andy Keyte

Bathroom suites:

Having a bathroom that is comfortable and pleasant to use can leave lasting impressions on anyone who enters. Designing your bathroom can be quite challenging and you may need to consider several aspects and one such important element is the bathroom suite and choosing the right one is important to perfectly complement your homes style and furnishings. Choosing the right one can even increase the value of your home. Adding these elements to your bathroom can be the most cost effective way to bring your bathrooms back to life. Your bathroom is a place to unwind and relax and your bathroom suite will have great influence on this and the right suite can make you enjoy the time spent in your bathroom.

Now if you need help with choosing the right bathroom suite that can reinvent your bathroom and change the look of your home, read the tips below:

Choose a suite that will match the style of your home (traditional or contemporary).

YouTube Preview Image

Choose a bathroom suite which is of a size that will best fit into your bathroom.

Check the quality of the product.

See if the material, style and design of the suite match your bathroom.

The price of the suite should be reasonable and affordable.

If you still need help with choosing the right bathroom suite turn to Bath House. They are market leaders in supplying superior quality and top notch bathroom products including suites, fixtures and accessories. They source their suites from premier brands like Villeroy & Boch, Cersanit, Vogue, etc.

Bath House keeps up with the latest designs and trends that make their suites look spectacular in any environment. All their suites are affordable at reasonable prices. Suites are available in different styles such as modern, traditional, furniture and compact. Such a comprehensive range means youre sure to find the style and look youre looking for. Their modern bathroom suites feature a choice of styles and will make a style statement in any modern home. The sleek and minimalistic designs of these modern suites are what make them most wanted.

Now if youre considering adding a little bit of a vintage theme to your bathrooms, then choosing traditional bathroom suites from Bath House is an excellent option. They are leading distributors of bathroom fixtures and suites that are stocked from some of the most sought after brands like Villeroy and Boch, Cersanit, Vogue and Imperial, making them very confident in the quality, functionality and looks of their suites.

For the traditionalist, Bath House stocks a wide range of traditional suites. Our traditional styles will help you create that charming rustic bathroom you desire. Their compact suites are best for those who have problems with space. They are best for small bathrooms and fit elegantly without compromising on style. These compact suites have all the practical features that will meet todays needs. Their furniture suites provide practical storage space and excellent focal points.

To complete your bathroom with their fantastic range of bathroom suites contact them at The Bath House.

About the Author: The Bath House 130 Burscough Street Ormskirk Lancashire L39 2EY Telephone: 0844 8001708Fax: 01695 580567Email:


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Skeletons found under home in Hertfordshire

January 23rd, 2018

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catherine McGuigan, a resident in South Mimms, Hertfordshire, UK, found skeletons from over a century ago buried under her dining room.

She had hired builders for an extension for her cottage, where she has lived for eleven years, and at the beginning of April they found human bones in the ground.

Her cottage was built over a burial ground; from 1697 to 1820 the land was owned by the Religious Society of Friends. In the 1600s, members of the society, better known as Quakers, were persecuted for their beliefs and so were not allowed to be buried in consecrated church grounds. Instead burials, which were also sometimes for others not recognised as parishioners – such as homeless people, often took place in the countryside.

The Daily Mail states in its April article that the Religious Society of Friends have advised McGuigan that she “must cremate” the bodies, however Quakers have written an open letter to the Daily Mail, informing that for Quakers, there is “no specific advice on the disposal of bodies”, and that they had never expressed an opinion on how the discovered skeletons should be buried.

The cremation was rumoured to cost up to £32,000 – an £800 quote for cremation of a single body multiplied by 40, however as yet only ten bodies have been discovered.

The builders originally thought the bones were pieces of pipe, and McGuigan has now ordered coffins and is looking to holding a mass cremation or a burial in a nearby field.

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London serial murder accused Stephen Port makes first court appearance

January 22nd, 2018

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A London man charged on Sunday with drugging and murdering four men made his first court appearance yesterday. Stephen Port, 40, was remanded to appear before a higher court tomorrow.

Port faces four counts of murder and four counts of “administering a poison with intent to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm”. He is alleged to have administered overdoses of recreational drug GHB. He allegedly murdered the men at his home before dumping the bodies, after finding victims online using gay dating services.

Three of the deaths were last year. Anthony Patrick Walgate, 23, was found dead on June 19, 2014 in Cooke Street. Port lives in Cooke Street. The other three alleged victims were found in the vicinity of St Margaret’s Church on North Street. Gabriel Kovari, 22, was discovered dead on August 28. Daniel Whitworth, 21, was found dead the following month on September 20. Fourth alleged victim Jack Taylor, 25, was found a year later on September 14.

Whitworth and Kovari were known to each other, according to testimony at inquest. The Metropolitan Police has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission concerning what police called “potential vulnerabilities in [our response] to the four deaths.” Police did not initially link the deaths.

Special needs teacher Port, who was guarded by three officers in the dock, spoke in court to confirm his identity. He did not indicate if he will deny the offences. He was arrested following a police appeal to trace a man seen with Taylor shortly before his death.

Police at the time released security footage of Taylor’s movements, with an officer telling the press “the man captured on CCTV may well be the last person to talk to Jack.” The four deaths were finally linked and passed to the Metropolitan Police’s serious crime investigators on Wednesday last week.

The Magistrates’ Court ordered Taylor to appear at the Old Bailey, a famed London courthouse, tomorrow. He spent the hearing holding one arm, and repeatedly looking at the floor, whilst clad in a grey tracksuit given to him by the authorities holding him.

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Israel Journal: The Holy Land has an image problem

January 22nd, 2018

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wikinews reporter David Shankbone is currently, courtesy of the Israeli government and friends, visiting Israel. This is a first-hand account of his experiences and may — as a result — not fully comply with Wikinews’ neutrality policy. Please note this is a journalism experiment for Wikinews and put constructive criticism on the collaboration page.

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

At 70 miles per hour halfway to Kennedy Airport the scent of alcohol filled the back of the cab when the driver turned around and said, “There is no traffic. It is good. Quick.” It was fitting. Up to that point I sat staring out the window thinking about all the warnings my family and friends gave me about taking care of my safety in Israel. Although I have traveled a good deal and never found a place I visited to be as it was depicted in the American media–Cuba is nothing like it is portrayed–the intonations to steer clear of pizza parlors and buses weighed on me. “Whatever you do, David, don’t go to Gaza or take a bus! Don’t. Go. To. Gaza,” my mother said several times, “Just, you know, there’s a war going on over there. If you see anyone praying to Allah and sweating, run!”

Until the cab driver turned around and smiled through his boozy breath, my mind had raced with thoughts of my life ending head bowed on Al-Jazeera, surrounded by gunmen forcing me to denounce my country. I thought about Gay Talese, desperate to go to Iraq, who told me he would tell “the bastards” to “go ahead, make my day” because he would die doing what he loved: working on a story. Strangely, I found solace in my drunken driver to distract me from these thoughts, and instead I thought about Carolyn Doran, the former Wikimedia COO who has caused a firestorm for the foundation when they hired her unaware that not only is she a quadruple-convicted drunk driver, but that she also shot a boyfriend.

My flight from Kennedy to Tel Aviv had the hallmarks of a caricatured bad flight: Despite my request for an aisle, I found myself in a center seat. To my right was a morbidly obese woman in a purple beret breast-feeding her baby. In the seat to my left was another infant in a baby seat, and to his left was his mother holding yet a third baby in her lap. When I woke two of the babies were suspended from the wall in what looked like airplane baby crib trampolines. Surprisingly, it was one of the better 11 hour flights I have had. All three babies slept through the entire trip and when I woke from one nap I found myself lying against what felt like memory foam, but turned out to be the obese woman, whose largess had spilled over our hapless arm rest and into my seat. It was…not unpleasant.

Upon arrival at our hotel in Tel Aviv we were given exactly ten minutes to shower and change before we had to leave to have dinner with Dr. Yossi Vardi–the father of Israeli invention, as he is known. Jimmy Wales had introduced me to him over e-mail, and I had done my research on the man who funded and sold the ICQ network. On the bus over there Stacy Perman and David Saranga spoke about how Israel is trying to brand itself today. In particular, Perman, who writes for Businessweek, mentioned a spread in Maxim Magazine that Saranga, who is in charge of media relations for the Israeli consulate in New York, was responsible for arranging. Its theme was “The Women of the Israeli Army” and featured buxom, beautiful scantily-clad Israeli girls from the armed forces. It rubbed Perman the wrong way. “The spread seemed so Lowest Common Denominator to me. What was the thinking behind that?” asked Stacy.

Saranga had no apologies for appealing to the male libido in his never-ending drive to sell Israel. “Look, I would love for Maxim’s 2.5 million readers to pick up that magazine and read about Israeli technology and our wonderful culture here. But in truth, they are not so interested in that. When we approached Maxim they asked why they should do it; after all, there are beautiful women every where. Why Israeli beautiful women? We said, ‘But Israel is the only army where women are actually fighting alongside the men.’ So they did it. Not with guns and ammunition, but just the…beautiful women of the Israeli army. When we tested how that piece worked, we found it was very, very successful.”

But what is success? The issue, Saranga explained, is Israel has an image problem. Saranga is one of the key people in the Israeli Foreign Ministry working to create a new brand name for the holy land. Indeed, one scheduled dinner for the journalists on this trip is hosted by Ido Aharoni, whose title is Head of Israel Brand Management Team. A country’s brand name is what this trip is all about. More accurately, about rebranding.

When people think of Israel, Saranga explained, they think the same things my friends and family think: it is dangerous, it is a place where you may be blown up. It is difficult to find in the American media stories that travel outside of Israeli-Palestinian-Lebanese conflict narrative. The effect, according to Saranga, has been that people do not want to come to Israel. It is too dangerous and even if safety is not an issue, it does not look like a fun place to go. According to the test research the Israeli government has conducted, people see Israel as a place that is deeply religious–it is, after all, a Jewish state–and besides holy sites such as the Temple Mount and retracing the steps of Jesus Christ, most secular American thrill seekers think there is little for them to do.

In reality, Israel is a multi-dimensional and pluralistic society with a large Arab—the majority of whom identify themselves as Palestinian—population in one of the most stable democracies in the Middle East. This trip, however, is mostly modeled to show the technology journalists what is by any measure one of the most thriving centers of innovation in the world. What we won’t see is Israel’s Arab side. When I suggested to Saranga that I would like to venture to the Jaffa Market, Tel Aviv’s thriving Arab bazaar, he looked at me perplexed, “Why would you want to go there?!” When I replied that it would be a good place to look for things to buy people back home, he still did not see why I would choose to go there. It was only when I mentioned it would also be good for photography–another purpose for this trip–did he say, “Well, that’s true. I suppose it has color.”

At dinner Dr. Yossi Vardi discussed the future of Israeli technology and pointed out that after California and Boston, Israel attracts the highest amount of venture capital incubator dollars in the world. After his speech, he turned to me with what the standard complaints I hear about Wikipedia; namely, that it is not always accurate and it is arbitrary in how it decides what is notable (in particular, the article on a product he is financing, Fring, has been deleted five times, he said, despite being a market leader). “How do you decide what is right and what is notable?” asked Vardi.

It was the same question raised by the Haaretz reporter when he interviewed me later that night for an article about my trip. With both Vardi and Haaretz I brought up the on-going Santa Claus battle on Wikipedia, in which I was heavily involved. Several editors do not want us to point out that Santa Claus is not real (think of the children!) or, absent outright supporting the myth, that we should hide he is made up. The problem is that Wikipedia is not responsible for supporting cultural myths, but to explain them.

“But I believe in Santa Claus” replied Vardi. “Who are you to say he is not real?” It is a question that was raised in the Santa talk page discussion, and a difficult challenge to answer. And like the pro-Santa editors on the Santa Claus discussion, Vardi asked “What about God? Can you say that God does not exist?” But are Santa and God really the same beyond an academic philosophical discussion, I replied. God is typically taught to explain aspects of the world around us that we can not explain ourselves through our knowledge and technology. Santa, on the other hand, is a story parents know to be false. They tell their children to believe in something and then make an elaborate effort to support something they know is not true (milk and cookies consumed; gifts given by Santa; Father Christmas tracked on the Air Force website). Eventually, the time comes when parents reveal to their children that he never existed; it was them all along eating those cookies.

“But perception,” Dr. Vardi responded, “is reality. So who are you to say? It is the question of the tree falling in the woods and whether anyone hears it.” I responded that to take knowledge to such academic and philosophical realms is fine for spirited dinner conversation, but useless when trying to engage in practical pursuits. “After all, Dr. Vardi, how would you ever solve an engineering problem if all it takes for reality to be formed is to believe something to be true? You must come across many people who believe fervently that products they are developing will be successful; do you invest based upon their beliefs? The question is always whether a tree falling makes a sound. The question is never framed as, ‘Has the tree fallen?’ It’s a given.”

Cnaan Liphshiz, the Haaretz reporter, relayed similar concerns about Wikipedia as Vardi, although less philosophical. Are we a reliable source of information? “The short answer is no,” I said. He looked at me surprised “The problem with such a question is not whether Wikipedia is reliable, but is any one source of information reliable? Studies continually show that Wikipedia is reliable at redacting information and presenting what others say to be true. But are our sources right? No person should rely upon one source for anything. They should seek several sources to form an opinion. Does Wikipedia do a better job of presenting several opinions than The New York Times or Fox News? Yes, I believe they do.”

My presence on this trip, I offered Haaretz, raised the interesting question that Web 2.0 presents: how did the Israeli foreign ministry decide on David Shankbone to report for Wikinews and Wikipedia on this trip? 25% of the answer lies in my accreditation with Wikinews and that I am able to be an original source of reporting. But 75% of the reason rests upon my contributions to Wikimedia projects, which made me stand out over other contributors. Between my photography and my interviews, I have done high profile projects on Wikipedia and its sister projects. So can other commoners like me take off to Israel when we make worthwhile contributions to high-profile Web 2.0 sites like Wikipedia? Maybe. The challenge for firms, governments and organizations today is to figure out who amongst a morass of disparate and sometimes bizarre user names can actually produce substantive work. The answer is that those who want to contribute information to the public sphere need to expend time to find who out there in Web 2.0 is worth contacting, and whether people in Web 2.0 can even do anything for them. This is the same advice I gave the Rubenstein Public Relations company (who manages PR for the Tribeca Film Festival), which is how the Israelis found me.

On a trip like this, what are the Israelis’ goals for Wikimedia? For David Saranga, it goes back to the rebranding of Israel. They simply want people to highlight aspects of their country that do not involve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hence, we are here to look at Israel’s technology sector in a head-spinning array of meetings. This made Wikipedia and Wikinews, influential sources of information that attempt to present the world as it is, an attractive option. “The fact is, there is so much going on in Israel today that nobody knows about because the media does not write stories about Israel outside of the conflict,” said Saranga. The opportunity to have someone from the Internet’s major encyclopedia visit the Weizmann Institute, the Technion and some of the holy sites was golden for them. Just don’t go to the Arab parts and whatever you do, don’t go to Gaza.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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Flooding in Slovenia leaves six dead

January 22nd, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Six people are confirmed dead after Tuesday’s heavy rains in Slovenia. Up to 300 mm of rain fell in just a few hours across the country, with swollen rivers, torrential streams and landslides sweeping away cars, houses, bridges, and whole sections of roads. In some areas, public services have not yet been restored, and healthcare and drinking water are being provided by mobile units. Some major roads are still closed. The damage includes the destruction of the resistance Hospital Franja, a museum site from the Second World war.

Worst hit was the valley town of Železniki, where three people died, 350 houses were flooded and over a hundred cars were swept away by the swollen river Sora. The dead included a woman who was swept away by the river in her car. The local health facilities and the elementary school are closed. Road communication to several surrounding villages was cut off by landslides. The flood also badly damaged local industry. The lower-lying town of Škofja Loka was also badly hit by the flood. A 31-year-old volunteer fire fighter was killed during the rescue effort in Cerklje.

Other badly affected areas include those along the rivers Sava, Savinja and Dravinja. All three rivers and many of their tributaries overflowed and flooded fields and towns. The low-lying parts of Celje, Laško and Nazarje were flooded by up to 2 meters of water. A 34-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were killed in Podgorje near Braslov?e when their house was buried in a landslide. Two older people managed to leave the house unharmed.

Damage was widespread across the country and many roads were blocked by landslides. Velenje was cut off from the world for more than a day. The main road connecting the mountainous Bohinj valley to the central part of the country was closed, leaving only the mountain road to Tolmin.

Near the town of Cerkno, which was itself flooded, the museum site of Hospital Franja was nearly completely destroyed. The partisan resistance hospital from the Second World War, situated in a narrow mountain canyon above the town and named after the young doctor who worked at the site, treated hundreds of wounded resistance fighters and remained undiscovered by the Wehrmacht throughout the war. The hospital consisted of 12 wooden cabins and a miniature hydroelectric power plant. The power plant and all but one of the wooden cabins and were swept away by the swollen stream. Hundreds of exhibits, including medicine containers, locally produced medical equipment and an x-ray machine were lost or badly damaged.

The government of Slovenia directed €500,000 from the emergency fund to immediate rescue and repair operations, and has promised to help the affected municipalities and population with funds from the budget. The government has also pledged to rebuild the Hospital Franja museum site.


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Compare Apply For Personal Loans, Home Loan Credit Card365e Loans}

January 22nd, 2018

Compare Apply for Personal Loans, Home Loan Credit Card365eLoans


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A credit score is provided by three credit bureaus of RBI, they are Equifax, Experian and CIBIL. CIBIL score is a three digit control number issued to every customers. Which ranges from 300-900. Best score is 900. If you don’t have any credit history then your credit score is -1. In case, if you have credit history of a period of 6 months then your score will be 0. Credit history builds within 18-36 months period. CIBIL score was calculated based on payments, usage of credit card, Balance between secured and unsecured loans, number of new accounts opened, how much amount deposited in account, loan queries from different lending companies, etc. It was analysed by CIBIL on monthly basis information of the customer and a report is created called as CIR.

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Home loan is provided by top banks, but it’s a very daunting task to take decision to opt loan from which bank. Before taking any home loan you need to collect information about home loans from different banks and analyse or compare the interest rates and return policies. Find the eligibility for taking a loan both from private and government banks. Based on that carry on the analyses which bank is providing you the good offer with flexibility in repayment and affordable such as floating rates. Question yourself all possible options for payments like prepay options or balance transfer. For all this questions you no need to worry as we are here to assist you to answer the question you confront while planning to take loan until you get loan. A perfect way of taking loan is which gives you lowest rates throughout the tenure, repayment options and also permits you to balance transfer if you wish to.

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Article Source:


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Wikinews interviews Jim Hedges, U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate

January 22nd, 2018

Saturday, January 29, 2011

U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate Jim Hedges of Thompson Township, Pennsylvania took some time to answer a few questions about the Prohibition Party and his 2012 presidential campaign.

The Prohibition Party is the third oldest existing political party in the United States, having been established in 1869. It reached its height of popularity during the late 19th century. The party heavily supported the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which banned the sale of alcohol, and resulted in the US period known as Prohibition (1919–33). It was repealed in 1933. The party has declined since this period, but has continued to nominate candidates for the presidential election.

In 2003, the party split into two factions. Preacher Gene Amondson and perennial candidate Earl Dodge were nominated for the presidency by their respective factions. After Dodge’s death in 2007, the party reunified and named Amondson as its sole presidential nominee for 2008. During the election, Amondson was interviewed by Wikinews. He died in 2009, leaving an opening in the party for 2012.

Jim Hedges is a longtime Prohibition activist, who holds the distinction of the first individual of the 21st century (and the first since 1959) to be elected to a political office under the Prohibition Party banner. In 2001, he was elected as the Thompson Township tax assessor, and was re-elected to the post in 2005. He served until his term expired in 2010. Hedges declared his intent to run for the Prohibition Party presidential nomination on February 18, 2010. This marks his first run for the presidency.

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Toyota’s US sales fall by 8.7%

January 22nd, 2018

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese automobile maker, posted an overall 8.7% drop in sales in the United States for last month. This comes after recent safety recalls of its vehicles, as well as congressional investigations over Toyota’s safety standards.

The model that had the highest drop in sales was the Camry sedan, with a 20% decline, figures released yesterday indicate.

Toyota sold a total 100,027 vehicles in the US in February, a number somewhat higher than what economic analysts predicted; they estimated a decline of ten percent.

Bob Carter, the vice president of the group’s Toyota division, commented on the figures. “I’m surprised that we sold as many vehicles as we did,” he said in a conference call, as quoted by Ninemsn. “We did see a drop in our first-time Toyota buyers. But we haven’t seen any major outflows of Toyota buyers to other brands.”

“Clearly we have some work to do. We stubbed our toe in terms of our image. There’s nothing I can come up with in terms of an incentive program to make that go away. It’s something we’re going to work on with all consumers,” the vice president added. Toyota said it would have zero per cent financing for most of its models, as well as free scheduled maintenance.

“In March, we’ll be getting back to the business of sales,” said Carter.

Meanwhile, Toyota stock increased by 2.3% at the Tokyo stock exchange to 3,390 yen in morning trading.

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