Environ Molds The Hub Of Innovations

EnvironMolds the hub of innovations



Summit, New Jersey-based EnvironMolds is a unique and innovative manufacturer and distributor of high-quality mold making and casting art materials including products for life casting. The company has been supplying mold making materials, casting materials, books, body cast kits, and the like since it was founded in 1997 by a life casting artist, instructor and author Ed McCormick.

Life casting is an old Egyptian art of taking molds straight from the human body, and EnvironMolds specializes in mold making and casting materials that are environment-friendly. The company provides everything a mold maker requires ranging from supplies to instructional videos and workshops. Patented environmentally mold making materials such as FiberGel and HypoMold as well as latexes, polyurethanes, silicones and gypsum bandages are all available at very competitive prices.

The company s website, www.artmolds.com offers a number of exiting suggestions for a number of interesting projects (ranging from fine art to crafting) to pick from. EnvironMolds also offers class and workshops that can take one s art to the next level.

EnvironMolds KidzEZ Casting Kit helps novice life casting and body casting artists to learn the art of duplicating precious body parts. It is a fascinating, educational kit that helps learning about the different kinds of


mold making

plus molding materials such as silicone. On the completion of a mold, a number of permanent casts can be made from the reusable mold.

Pro hand Casting Kit is inevitable for life casting artists as hands make an astonishing life casting for the reason that of their texture and eloquence. EnvironMolds offers KastEZ a pourable casting


, a room-temperature curing urethane casting material, which is an outstanding material for casting special effects, artwork from both rigid as well as flexible molds. Other Resins include AquaClear Resin and KastEZ Resin.

MasterCast Rotocast Machine is superb rotational casting studio equipment. All-welded steel construction equipment efficiently slashes production time with astonishing speed. Powered by two 300in/lb motors, the machine come with one year warranty. PopArt- Plaster Bandage, which measures 5-inches wide by 5-yards long, offers an immediate, trouble-free creamy thick plaster consistency as it is made from the best-available raw material. To apply the bandage is very easy as it requires just simple cutting, dipping in warm water, squeezing before applying.

ArtMolds Vacuum Chamber promises a bubble-free mold while mixing rubber and


. It is designed for eliminating air bubbles in rubbers and silicones. This efficient PVC chamber also brings top & bottom -inch plates, rubber gaskets and gauge. It has an approximate capacity of four gallons. Two-day long Life Casting Workshops and Mold Making Workshops train students in advanced life casting and mold casting skills by casting hands, faces as well as a front torso wall hanging. At the Life Casting Workshops, the alginate method of life casting such as material preparation, material mixing and application are also taught during the workshop. These workshops are the best way to learn the vital art of model preparation and the necessary professional skills of working with a model. The depth of company’s loyalty towards its customers can be estimated from its motto “High Quality Materials at Exceptional Prices”.

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