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Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing}

January 3rd, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing


Nick P.

Are you looking for ways to make a strong branding strategy for your real estate business? Then, you must know direct mail is the way to go for.

According to industry experts, direct mail is the most effective tool when it comes to real estate marketing. There are around 430,000 agents and brokers are in the US contributing to 1.4 % of the total working population, according to a report.

Needless to say, to stand out in the crowd and make an impression, you have to follow a different approach and that’s direct mail marketing.

Real estate direct mail marketing is a cost-effective way to get noticed in the listed areas where you want to expand your business. You do not need to worry, as the mails will not see the spam box like email marketing campaigns.

Here, you will be sending postcards, letter or business cards right in front of a customer, which they will definitely read.

Why You Should Care?

You will find the process less competitive and a highly interactive method to generate targeted leads.

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Cost-effective and does not need large budgets like digital marketing, TVs or infomercials.

The process is measurable. You can track the results like how many mails sent or regions targeted to help you know the number of newly acquired leads.

Now, let’s take a deep dive to understand the potential of real estate direct mail marketing better.

Assures Higher ROI

They are cost-effective and the results are worth the cost. Direct mail guarantees an average of 1300% return. No other type of marketing strategy can claim it. Around 37% of the companies in the US say that sending a letter is the best option compared to an email.

Both Buyers and Sellers Prefer Direct Mail

Around 92% of the people under the age of 24 prefer to receive a direct mail and not an email.

Again 53% of baby boomers, noticing a direct mail is much faster compared to an email, billboards, magazine or social media.

Local Markets Feel Highly Satisfied

If you look at the local market, you will find that 81% of the realtors use direct mail. They prefer to work locally in a single area and direct mail proves to be the safest and potential ways to generate targeted leads.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Here are a couple of ways you should use direct mail marketing for your real estate business.

Every campaign must have a goal and target audience in mind

Must enable a simple design and content with bold images and catchy headlines

Be clear and concise through your messages

Must include attractive promotional offer

Must include your contact information

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace direct mail marketing and align your marketing strategy accordingly.

Do you have any questions to add here? Facing any difficulty or want to know more about it? Drop us a note below and we will get back to you soon.

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Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing }

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Penis Spots, Lumps And Rashes A Compendium Of Common Male Skin Conditions}

November 8th, 2017

Penis Spots, Lumps and Rashes A Compendium of Common Male Skin Conditions


John Dugan

Men tend to react with horror to any sign of abnormality of the penile skin a natural response, given that penis spots and lesions can sometimes indicate serious issues. Fortunately, many of the problems that affect the male equipment are fairly routine and can be easily handled with medications, while others require no treatment at all. The following list of common penile issues can help men to better understand the care that is needed to manage their penis health.

Groups of bumps or nodules below the skins surface. Multiple tiny nodules on the scrotum or at the base of the penis are hair follicles whether or not they have hair. They cannot be removed, and picking or scratching at them can cause them to become inflamed and red. Few people other than the owner of the member in question are likely to even notice their presence.

Raised, dome-shaped bumps around the crown. A circle of flesh-colored bumps around the crown of the head indicates pearly penile papules so called because of their resemblance to a string of pearls. They are harmless and non-contagious, and occur more often in uncircumcised men. Some men may have them removed surgically for cosmetic reasons.

Red or purple thickened, warty spots. Spots like this that appear on the shaft or scrotum may be angiokertomas, which are harmless. They appear more often in elderly men, but younger men may be affected as well. They do not require any treatment.

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Pea-sized nodule filled with a cheesy substance. This is typically a cyst, and it occurs most often on the scrotum. Cysts may appear singly, or several may be present at once. Again, they are harmless growths and do not require treatment.

Small, shiny, pink bumps. These bumps may appear in a line or in a ring. They may be itchy, but they are not in every case. They may also develop a scaly surface. These bumps are not contagious and usually resolve on their own; medical treatment is available to speed up the process.

Raised, red patches. Patches of raised, red skin with well-defined borders that may or may not be itchy and/or scaly can be an indication of psoriasis. Men who have psoriasis elsewhere on their bodies may develop outbreaks on the penis. These can be triggered by masturbation or sex. Cortisone creams may be effective for dealing with psoriasis on the penile skin, but they can also be damaging to the skin in this area. Men should talk to their doctors about possible side effects and alternative treatments.

Brownish or skin-colored bumps or warts. Warts in the genital area are often caused by HPV (human papilloma virus), a sexually transmitted infection. The warts are contagious; in fact, men who are carrying the virus without symptoms may also pass the disease on to a partner. The virus and warts generally clear up on their own, but this process can take a year or more. Men who are vaccinated in their early teens are much less likely to contract HPV.

Single, painless ulcer. This can be a symptom of syphilis, a serious sexually transmitted disease. The ulcer usually heals and disappears in a couple of weeks, but the infection is still present in the body. If left untreated, it can have very serious consequences, including loss of cognition and death.

Non-healing sore or ulcer. A painless, irregular sore or ulcer that does not heal on its own could be an indication of penile cancer. Early treatment is critical, so it is important to have sores and lesions checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

An extra level of penile skin care

When sores or blemishes develop, men should always see their doctor and follow the recommended treatment plan. But for everyday issues like dryness and itching that are not accompanied by unusual symptoms or for men who simply want a healthier, more attractive member a top-shelf penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be applied after a shower or bath. A nutrient- and moisture-rich cream can help to eliminate dryness and itching, soothe skin that is reddened due to rough handling and enhance sensitivity levels in men who have lost some degree of feeling from daily wear and tear.


for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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Penis Spots, Lumps and Rashes A Compendium of Common Male Skin Conditions

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