Seeking Luxury Real Estate In Montreal

Submitted by: Laurence Montplaisir

The sale of Montreal luxury real estate properties are again soaring. This is due to affluent purchaser’s wanting to take advantage of the low interest rates still being offered by banks. Upper end sales of a majority of real estate firms blew the lid off previous luxury home sales and set new all time high records. The year 2009 saw a decline in some sales as the stock market fell and many lost money. Still, the low purchasing rates are hard to ignore.

Montreal luxury real estate sales are again on the incline. The continued growth of the economy will entice high end buyers back into the real estate market. If one has the funds to invest, what better place for your money than the real estate investment. Your savings in interest alone will be phenomenal when it comes to the list price on luxury homes.

The Montreal luxury real estate agent will guide you through the sea of available home taking into account your wants and needs. The rich and sometimes famous are not afraid to list their demands when seeking a home but more than likely have little indication as to how to locate one. This is where the Montreal luxury real estate agent comes in.


It is usually an excellent idea to meet with the prospective client and make a list of what they perceive to be their idea of a luxury home. It is also a wise idea to inform any prospective client that meeting all of their demands will be nearly impossible, but it is your job as their agent to find them a home that matches as many of their requests as possible.

Some things to take into consideration that most high end buyers want is privacy. They often want their home to be somewhat secluded to be out of the mainstream of gawkers and onlookers. Quite often there is the request that the home be located on a waterfront property. Wealthy people often have watercraft they wish to use for their enjoyment. They may wish to spend a day water skiing or yachting.

Multiple spacious rooms will be a basic requirement with every possible amenity. A fully equipped gourmet kitchen will be high on the list with a six to eight burner stove; additional cold food storage, as well as a wine refrigerator and possibly a wine cellar. All the normal kitchen items will e included but on a grander and larger scale. The formal dining room will have to seat many more than the average dining room and the formal living room will need to be overly spacious for entertaining. The master bedroom will be something that one could liken to a penthouse suite complete with jet bathtubs, saunas and spas. In fact, some may request that each bedroom have its own bath.

A pool would be listed among the necessities with a grand garden encompassing the entire area. A cabana to accommodate the suiting up of guests would be nice as well. Quite often a home of this caliber needs a number of people to keep it running, so there may even be a request for maid and valet quarters.

The Montreal luxury real estate agent will definitely have to do his homework, when hoping to procure the home of choice for the luxury buyer.

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