What You Need To Consider Before Buying Wood Overhead Doors


While there are several different options for garage doors, wood overhead doors are the most popular options for new custom home construction as well as home renovations. You will see these doors in a variety of different styles from the classic look of the carriage house design to the modern look of a streamlined profile.

The reasons wood overhead doors are so popular and in such demand is because they are not just a beautiful option; they are one of the most durable garage doors out there. When treated on both sides and protected with exterior-grade UV stains and sealers, these doors will look amazing for years to come with very little maintenance.

Stain or Paint


There are different grades of wood overhead doors, and knowing how you want to finish the door is very important. For doors you are going to paint you can choose a paint grade door. These doors will come pre-primed in a neutral base color which will allow you to then paint over in the color of your choice.

The premium grade wood overhead doors are those carefully selected to be stained. The wood is selected for an even grain without any flaws. This ensures the color of stain you choose will only highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Light and Security

If security is a concern for wood overhead doors, consider a design without lites, the small windows cut into the top of the door. Or, you may want to select the small lites that would be very difficult to view at eye level.

For more light in the garage area, consider choosing a style of garage door with more lites or larger areas of glass in the top panel. You may also want to consider choosing a frosted or privacy type of glass to allow in diffuse light while also maintaining security.

Changing the Style

Once you start looking at wood overhead doors, you will find there is a much better selection in different looks and styles than you can find with other garage door options. For a custom home design or a renovation where you want a specific look, this is a benefit.

Remember, wood overhead doors are also naturally good insulators, which is essential in both hot and cold climates. These doors will stand up to the environment and also help to ensure a good noise barrier, both essential considerations for any project.

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