Visiting A Dentist In Markesan Wi

byAlma Abell

It is important to the health of your teeth to go to your dentist in Markesan WI every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up. This will allow you to maintain the health of your teeth for many years to come. The benefits of healthy teeth will allow for less dental issues and concerns for the patient.

What is involved in a Cleaning?

If you wish to have the clean teeth, the way to reach this goal is by having a professional clean your teeth. The dental hygienist will work diligently to clean your teeth with special instruments and this will get rid of any built up plaque.


The health of your gums is important to avoid gum disease and tooth loss. By being certain to get rid of plaque as quickly as it builds, this will assist you in keeping your teeth healthy.

Getting a Dental Exam

The best way to ensure you can avoid tooth loss is by visiting your dentist in Markesan WI every six months. This will allow the dentist to complete a thorough exam and identify any decay.

If tooth decay is found it will be evaluated and this will be based on the level of decay. This may be between one and six for the evaluation. It is important to speak to your dentist involving the amount of decay if any is found. This will allow you to fully understand if you will require a direct or indirect restoration.

The direct restoration will involve filling the teeth directly with a type of composite material recommended by the dentist.

Types of Restorations

There are two types of restorations commonly used to restore the teeth. One is the direct restoration and will allow for the filling to be directly completed in the dental office.

If the tooth has a severe amount of decay, an indirect restoration may be required. This is also referred to as a crown and will require two visits to be made to the dentist for completion.

Finally, rely on the professionals at Silver Creek Dentistry to provide the needed amount of dental work required to achieve a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.