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Investing in a piece of jewellery to mark a special occasion is one of the most symbolic gestures you can make.

Investing in a piece of jewellery to mark a special occasion is one of the most symbolic gestures you can make. A birthday necklace, an eternity ring to commemorate the arrival of a child, diamond earrings for your bride on her wedding day ? the emotional significance attached to such presents makes them the most gratifying to give ? and tricky to buy.


It can be overwhelming when you don?t know what you?re looking for, which is where our gift guide comes in. Our carefully curated selection of jewellery is a shortlist of pieces that are a beautiful, original way of celebrating life?s milestones. We?ve got suggestions for significant birthdays, engagement rings, bridal jewellery and eternity rings, and dazzling stones in abundance. All of which have been designed and hand-crafted in-house ? piece by piece, stone by stone ? by artisans who are as obsessed with beautiful jewellery as we are.

For Brides-to-be Call them love tokens, call them betrothal gifts, call them engagement rings ? men have been getting down on bended knee to ask for their loved one?s hand in marriage since Roman times. Nowadays, it?s all about the diamonds. And we have plenty of those. But we?ve also got designs that are truly unique? you won?t find them anywhere else. Many couples choose to shop for an engagement ring together (girls, we have a helpful ?send to friend? option ? the perfect tool for giving guys a gentle nudge in the right direction), but if you?re going it alone, take inspiration from the five designs below, which showcase the artistry and high-wattage brilliance of our engagement rings.

For Birthdays From a girl?s coming of age to the big, once-a-decade celebrations later on in life, a significant birthday requires a wonderful present. Stylish necklaces and bracelets make meaningful gifts for 18th and 21st birthdays ? they might not be old enough to appreciate diamonds yet, but will love something fun and fashionable. A chunky cocktail ring or contemporary, longer-length pendant will appeal to accessories-obsessed 30 year olds, but could work just as well for a stylish 60th. Diamond stud earrings are a failsafe option at any age. Rule number one: avoid anything that will fall out of fashion and think modern classic instead, starting with our shortlist below. And don?t forget that the materials traditionally associated with wedding anniversaries are just as appropriate for birthdays too.

For anniversaries Until you?ve been married three decades, jewellery doesn?t get a look in when it comes to traditional anniversary gifts. But from there onwards, things get much more exciting. Starting with pearls for a 30th wedding anniversary and culminating in a diamond after 60 years, the tradition of giving beautiful pieces of jewellery to celebrate the passing of time together is, after proposing, one of the most romantic gestures you can make. Pearls are back in vogue, and she?ll get lots of wear out of a pair of stunning pearl earrings or a necklace that incorporates pearls into its design. Don?t think that by keeping with tradition, you have to go for the traditional option either. Rubies come in many shades, from pink to purplish red, and a pink sapphire is a seriously pretty alternative to blue.

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