The Vlc Media Player And The Introduction Of Its App

By Jason Bacot

The Iphone was the first phone that introduced the concept of applications, or apps as they are more commonly known, to the world. Apps were embraced excitedly by everyone because they were so incredibly useful and so many of them are immense fun to use. The Iphone also introduced the capability of consumers to watch huge, high quality videos on the phone itself, a feature that is wildly popular especially since this is the age of YouTube followers.

Then followed the Android phones with the same abilities and similar apps. Of course as all phone users know, if you combine the two, that is video playing and apps, then anyone can tell you that few players are available on the app market that can play every type of video that you want to see on your advanced phone. When you have such a technologically advanced mobile phone and you want to use it to its full potential, then a thing like a video file not working can really spoil everything especially if it was something that you were really looking forward to. It is in connection to this that we enter the world of the VLC media player.

The VLC media player is a universal media player that you can utilize to play almost any kind of file available out there. This includes obscure file formats like DivX, WMV and Avi. For the last few years the VLC media player has been downloaded off the internet onto laptops and computers for free by millions of people worldwide. With electronic devices like the Iphone, Ipad, Ipod and Android phones coursing the world like wild fire, the company behind the VLC, that is VideoLan, have now introduced an app for both the Iphone and the Android systems.


The app itself is also free and features pretty much the same characteristics that the actual software has. This means if you enable a VLC media player download on your mobile phone, then you can expect to benefit from a host of advantages. Whichever website you use to download an audio or video file no longer matters, what format it is based on no longer matters. If you have done a VLC player download, then you can rest assured that your file will open easily on your phone.

All encoded files on YouTube are supported by the VLC media player app as well, which is a huge plus. If you missed your favorite television show, that is no longer a problem either. Just go to the catch-up website of that television channel and click on your missed show. It will start playing and you can start enjoying.

With each new version of the VLC media player app, features keep getting better and better. Take the app designed for the Iphone. The latest version of the VLC app runs on the Iphone 4 without any problems and has a new added feature. This refers to the user’s ability to delete files from the app without having to go through Itunes anymore.

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