The Secret To Successful Perishable Shipping

The Secret to Successful Perishable Shipping


Christine Richard

If you are shipping perishable items or items that are time and/or temperature sensitive, your primary concern needs to be finding a reliable and easy way to safely get those items to the end destination. Fortunately, with these tips for successful perishable shipping, sending perishable items across town, across the state or across the globe will be as easy as going onto a website and booking your shipment.

The key to successful perishable shipping is to prepare and package your items correctly and to find a shipping company that offers you the perishable shipment services that you need.

Some secrets to making sure that your perishable shipment is delivered safely include:


Choosing the right packaging.

If you are sending frozen items, this might involve packing the items in dry ice. Your shipping company can help you to determine the amount of dry ice to be used but it is very important to follow certain safety precautions such as not touching the dry ice with your bare hands. Refrigerated shipments don\’t need dry ice, but you may opt for gel packs. Of course, you should always ask your shipper what packaging is necessary because shipping options may be available that keep your goods frozen, refrigerated or chilled during the shipment process.

Selecting the right box.

Don\’t just put your frozen or refrigerated perishable items in a standard cardboard box with some gel packs or dry ice thrown in. Instead, look for an insulated shipping container or other approved type of packaging as determined by your shipping company. Your shipping company should have experience in

perishable shipping

and should be able to give you some tips on the right packaging techniques. Alternatively, look for a shipping company that offers packing and repacking services to make absolutely sure that your important perishable items are packed correctly for safe delivery.

Choosing the right shipping company.

Ultimately, no matter how well you package your item, the shipping company bears the responsibility of making sure that it is delivered on time and safely. You should choose a shipper that offers pre-cooling as well as freezer or refrigerated storage at freight points. You should also look for a shipper with a lot of experience in perishable shipping and who will give your shipment the priority handling and fast transit times you need.

Tracking your package.

Don\’t just wash your hands of your shipment after it is sent. Although you can trust your shipping company once you have developed a relationship, it is still a good idea to periodically check the online tracking information that your shipper should provide in order to make sure that the shipment is delivered when expected.

Businesses and companies that ship perishable items will soon begin to find the process simple and streamlined once they have gotten started on sending perishable items. This is especially true if you find the right shipping company and stick with one shipper for all of your shipping needs. You\’ll be able to easily go online and book your shipment and streamline your supply chain management by letting your shipper handle your perishable shipment from beginning to end.

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