Sensible Guide In Setting Up Crown Molding

Sensible Guide In Setting Up Crown Molding by Antonious FranheimmerMan oh man, crown molding sure can bring in a siginicant change in your room but how the heck do you install it so that it doesn’t look like a Johnny Homeowner Job? The truth is that by following a few simple tips your crown molding job will end up looking great! Create a Marking Template Begin by making a measuring template to mark the distance down the wall where to make the installation. Peg a small piece of crown molding up in the desired areaand set a pencil marker on the bottom of it on the wall. Right now, take the measurement from your mark to the ceiling which indicates the dimension of your template. Whole Ceilings are A Bit Out of whack, Hence Avoid Snapping a Line Now take that little piece of wood and walk around the entire room making little pencil marks with your template. Avoid snapping a line through since all ceilings are slightly out of whack thus your molding fitting may end up improperly at the corners and splices. The template marking method will follow any flaws found in your ceiling and automatically make adjustments. Find the Dots and Acquire a Brad Gun and Compressor Your next procedure is to look for the studs on the wall. You can use a stud finder or plainly tap on the wall with a hammer and pound nails through to locate them. Make markers for all with a small pencil mark down below where the crown molding is going. Also, rent out an air compressor and brad gun because trying to hand nail crown molding while keeping it straight is impossible. Well Sandable Caulk Brings Wonders Reduce your splices by 30 percent on the bias and peg your miter for 30 percent level as well. It entails some work but the end results will prove worth all the effort. Chopped 24 inch pieces when you reach a corner or a splice and use them for determining the best fit thru trial and error cutting. Finally, make sure that you have a patient helper to hold the other end during installation and make sure that you buy plenty of all purpose sandable, not silicone caulk, because you are going to need itWritten by Antonious Franheimmer. Let’s talk more about Crown Molding evenFiberglass Columns.Article Source: