Prepare Your Cycling Clothing For The Autumn

November 23rd, 2017

Prepare your Cycling Clothing for the Autumn


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After a fantastic summer of cycling it is inevitable that the weather will start to deteriorate and the winter months will soon start to loom. Now that the summer is starting to run away from us, it is time to start adapting your wardrobe in order to be well equipped for the Autumn. There is no reason to stop cycling just because the weather has become cooler but you will need to change your clothing to adapt to the climate.

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In the cooler months of Autumn you may not necessarily need full winter clothing, however there are some items of clothing you will need. A waterproof jacket is usually a good idea to purchase when the Autumn arrives due to the increased chance of rain whilst on your ride. If you purchase a jacket earlier in the Autumn, you will find yourself well prepared for the winter months also. There is nothing worse than going to the shops in the winter and finding all jackets in your size have sold out. Top quality jackets from brands such as Assos usually keep your body at the optimum temperature through the highest quality materials being used. This allows the jacket to be multipurpose and it will adapt to the constantly changing weather.

Baselayers are something which you will not have come across in the summer months. These are fantastic for the winter months to keep your upper torso warm underneath your jersey. When purchasing a baselayer it is important to remember that this will be closest to your skin and therefore needs to be both comfortable and breathable. There is no point in wearing something cotton as this will simply soak up all the sweat and leave you feeling damp and clammy. Endura Clothing does a great range of baselayers both short and long sleeved.

Long sleeve jerseys are far more suited to the Autumn than short sleeved ones. The same great material is used to make it breathable and comfy to wear and they can be worn either with a baselayer (on cold days) or without. Long sleeved jerseys come in a variety of colours and designs so you can still stay looking good even through the winter! Gore Bike Wear have a particularly good range of jerseys which are made to a very high standard so will last you through the winter, even to next summer.

All these items of clothing are optional and not a necessity for cycling in the Autumn however it is highly recommended in order to make your ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. No one appreciates going on a ride and getting soaked before having to cycle home feeling cold and miserable. It is far more sensible and enjoyable to be prepared so that the weather changing does not affect your cycling experiences.

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Prepare your Cycling Clothing for the Autumn

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