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Staying hydrated, especially in the winter time, is important for good health. And with the backlash against bottled water and the plastic bottles it comes in, many people are turning to good, old tap water. But what do you do when your tap water smells bad? Is it safe to drink? Will it make you sick? Why does it smell? If the water coming out of the faucets in your house has a rotten egg odor to it, you can call your plumber in North Dallas TX to get some answers.

Hell tell you that your water is probably contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and that its a fairly common groundwater and well water contaminant. Hydrogen sulfide gas is produced by sulfur- and sulfate-reducing bacteria in the water. These bacteria use sulfur compounds and sulfates found in decaying plant materials, rocks and soil to convert organic compounds to energy. Hydrogen sulfide gas forms as a byproduct of that process. Drinking water contaminated by hydrogen sulfide usually wont hurt you but it can corrode metal plumbing pipes and any exposed metal components of appliances that use water in your home. Thats why its important to have your plumber in North Dallas TX come to your home to find the source of the smell so that the gas can be eliminated.

A common breeding ground for sulfur bacteria is your electric water heater. The warm environment inside the heater is ideal for producing all kinds of bacteria. In addition, the magnesium sacrificial rod in your water heater, which functions to retard corrosion, may be part of the problem. The rod releases small amounts of magnesium into the water along with small amounts of hydrogen. The hydrogen can bond with sulfur in the water to create hydrogen sulfide. Your plumber in North Dallas TX will conduct a simple test one that you can do as well to figure out if your water heater is the problem. Hell turn the cold and hot water on separately to see if they smell different from each other.


If its just the hot water that smells like rotten eggs, he can change the magnesium rod out for an aluminum or zinc rod. Hell also check to make sure the water temperature is set to 160?, which will help to kill bacteria living in your water heater. If he checks the cold and hot water and finds that both smell equally bad, then the problem probably lies with your public water system. In general, this kind of problem comes and goes in most public water supplies; but its always a good idea to call your local water department to ask them about the smell.

If the water coming out of your tap has a rotten egg odor to it, call the plumber in North Dallas TX who has the expertise to help, Tri Star Plumbing, at 469-353-6101. We offer 24/7 service for any and all of your plumbing emergencies. Visit to learn more about the wide array of services we offer.

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