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Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

“There is nothing wrong with living with pain, learn to deal with it and your health issues, it is normal.” Or, “Your pain is normal it will go away in a day or two.”

This pain that was supposed to go away in a day or two has been plaguing you now for two years or more. No doctor knows what is wrong; they cannot find anything that would cause your pain. You even get the idea that the doctors you see, feel this pain is, “All in your head and your imagination.” Now, what?

Number one, pain is never a “normal thing.” Pain is not the underlying issue. Your pain is the symptom for which you have something wrong with your body, and the pain is alerting you to this fact. Just because the doctors cannot find anything wrong does not mean your pain is not legitimate.

The one thing that you and doctors need to remember is, “Never second-guess someone’s pain, pain type, the location of pain, and intensity of your pain.

Chiropractors long denied a place in the traditional medical profession, has at long last, found a seat at the top of the medical ladder and now sit at the pinnacle of fruitful and natural treatment options, bringing to thousands of people the pain relief they have sought for years.

Traditional medicine is now slowly working with chiropractors globally to find solutions for their pain patients when traditional medicine fails to find answers. Over 90% of the time pain issues stem from structural problems with the spine. Once the chiropractor targets any problems with the spine, the pain starts to diminish.

While chiropractors sometimes do not have all the answers to pain, they come pretty darn close, closer than traditional medicine when they work their magic on painful patients. Even the skill of the chiropractor can do only so much. However, the patient finds they are better off than before they started alternative treatments.


Some of the alternative approaches to a pain-free existence for any patient lie in many different options. This doctor may use one or two or several of these techniques to alleviate pain. Sometimes, as a last resort, the doctor is forced to refer this patient.

Adjustments of the spinal column

Heat compresses

Cold compresses



Weight loss with nutritional assessment

Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy

Herbal, vitamin, and supplement therapy

Tens Units

Formulating Your Individualized Plan of Care

No one person is alike in health and the way they respond to a plan of care. Everyone is different. Thus, no two people react the same way.

This doctor formulates an individualized plan of care, centering on specific health issues, picking and choosing the best approaches to meet your specific needs. What he formulates for you may not work for the next person.

A chiropractor never treats the pain. He addresses the underlying problem. It is vital to address the problem as this proves, many times to remove the pain once the problem is under control.

Hardly ever, does the traditional doctor take a good look at the spine, where so many pain issues originate? Approaching a patient’s underlying problem is the knowledge of the skilled chiropractic doctor.

The skilled chiropractor treats the “whole” body, mind, and spirit. You would be surprised how much your mind works on your body in regards to pain issues.

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