Monday, May 11, 2009

Several Lancaster County, Pennsylvania high schools held their junior-senior proms this past weekend, and per tradition, they received gifts from the prom committee. Instead of traditional prom favors, however, Warwick High School in Lititz ordered more than 450 shot glasses and distributed them to students, in a move the administration now says it regrets.

In 2008, the Prom Committee gave out picture frames to the girls and money clips to the boys. However, the junior class did not have as much money this year, and so the school made a decision to buy an inexpensive prom favor. The school’s principal signed off on the decision to order the shot glasses, but assistant principal Scott Galen states that the paperwork identified the shot glasses as merely “prom souvenir[s]”.

While the school administration took responsibility for the decision to order the glasses, Galen called it a simple oversight. Senior Class President Phoebe Baum, who had helped plan the prom the previous year, remarked that it was likely a decision made in a time crunch and was not fully thought through. Galen said that the administration did not wish to send a message that condoned underage drinking.