Free Gps Tracking Software: A Beginner’s Guide}

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GPS-related devices are good tools to be used with a wide selection of applications in various industries and professions.

You can employ GPS navigational devices to locate your precise location on earth, or utilize a GPS tracking device to find and find the movements of someone else, animal, vehicle or object.

The provision of wholesale devices has decreased the pricing range for these devices and as a reseller you can exploit their recognition and get a fair slice of the market.

Nevertheless wholesale GPS tracking devices are sold much less expensive than their branded opposite numbers due to the absence of pre-installed exclusive software when delivered.

This could pose some issues for resellers as clients can bitch about this dearth. There is, however, one extraordinarily feasible alternative using free, open-source GPS tracking software and this is your decisive guide.

Should You Use open source Software or Not?

Open source applications were developed by an open community of developers all partaking of planning, improving, testing and finishing the application.

Nobody owns the exclusive rights to these community-developed applications, making them available to be used unreservedly by the general public.

That’s why most open-source applications are free to use by you or any person else wanting such applications as in the case of GPS tracking devices.

Free nevertheless, doesn’t mean the software is inexpensive or of inferior quality. In contrast to this fact, the community of developers has spent numerous hours developing a product that they themselves would use, and would pour in their abilities and information to come up with a fine quality product that anybody in the neighborhood, including you, would be content to use.

Actually many open source applications are rated by industry commentators as at par or better than exclusive software.

The sole problem is the absence of shopper service support you can go to, should you come across any issues or errors during its use.


There are however forums and community support groups that will help you in this area.

Open source Software Options Available to be used.

While exclusive GPS tracking software can be terribly dear to gain, with some added features and functionalities that you’d never use anyhow, going the free alternative route could be the most practicable way to take.

There are a good spread of open-source applications you can use for your GPS tracking gizmo.

Just make absolutely certain the application is compatible to use with your device or not.

Once such application is the OpenGTS or Open GPS Tracking System, the 1st open-source application available for use with GPS tracking devices.

Not only is it free and runs on any platform that your GPS tracking device is compatible with, a community of developers continue to support further enhancements in the application and have this available for you to download from their internet site.

Apart from that, there are more GPS-related open-source applications which you can try out e. G the ones noted below :

Free GPS Maps:

* opencyclemap org

* onstreetmap org

* informationfreeway org

* openstreetbrowser org

GPS Navigation Software:

* GPS drive — Free open source GPS navigation software

* Lucky GPS

* Rana a Python based GPS route-planning and navigation system

* Navit — Free open source GPS navigation software

* Traveling Salesman a GPS route-planning and navigation system

* Gosmore a GPS routing device

* GPS MID Free GPS mapping software

* OpenGTS (Open GPS Tracking System) Free open source GPS Tracking software

Free GPS Mapping Tools:

* Mapnik Mapmaking software

* maposmatic


Getting Support for Your Open-Source Software

The only issue with open-source software for your GPS tracking device is the absence of consumer service since nobody owns their exclusive use.

Except for that, learning to use a few of these software applications might need a little time to get used to.

A couple of forums nevertheless are available out there that will help you with any issues relating to its use like the ones mentioned below. These sites also offer the support documentations that you will need to get you going with your free GPS tracking software.

* GPS Passion

* GPS Discussion

* GPS Review

* Groundspeak

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