Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing}

Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing


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Are you looking for ways to make a strong branding strategy for your real estate business? Then, you must know direct mail is the way to go for.

According to industry experts, direct mail is the most effective tool when it comes to real estate marketing. There are around 430,000 agents and brokers are in the US contributing to 1.4 % of the total working population, according to a report.

Needless to say, to stand out in the crowd and make an impression, you have to follow a different approach and that’s direct mail marketing.

Real estate direct mail marketing is a cost-effective way to get noticed in the listed areas where you want to expand your business. You do not need to worry, as the mails will not see the spam box like email marketing campaigns.

Here, you will be sending postcards, letter or business cards right in front of a customer, which they will definitely read.

Why You Should Care?

You will find the process less competitive and a highly interactive method to generate targeted leads.


Cost-effective and does not need large budgets like digital marketing, TVs or infomercials.

The process is measurable. You can track the results like how many mails sent or regions targeted to help you know the number of newly acquired leads.

Now, let’s take a deep dive to understand the potential of real estate direct mail marketing better.

Assures Higher ROI

They are cost-effective and the results are worth the cost. Direct mail guarantees an average of 1300% return. No other type of marketing strategy can claim it. Around 37% of the companies in the US say that sending a letter is the best option compared to an email.

Both Buyers and Sellers Prefer Direct Mail

Around 92% of the people under the age of 24 prefer to receive a direct mail and not an email.

Again 53% of baby boomers, noticing a direct mail is much faster compared to an email, billboards, magazine or social media.

Local Markets Feel Highly Satisfied

If you look at the local market, you will find that 81% of the realtors use direct mail. They prefer to work locally in a single area and direct mail proves to be the safest and potential ways to generate targeted leads.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Here are a couple of ways you should use direct mail marketing for your real estate business.

Every campaign must have a goal and target audience in mind

Must enable a simple design and content with bold images and catchy headlines

Be clear and concise through your messages

Must include attractive promotional offer

Must include your contact information

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace direct mail marketing and align your marketing strategy accordingly.

Do you have any questions to add here? Facing any difficulty or want to know more about it? Drop us a note below and we will get back to you soon.

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Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing }