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Children are known to be more victims of emergency dentist Epping than adults. This is tied to the fact that their bones are not fully developed. In addition, they tend to play pretty rough games that expose them to the risk of getting hurt. Once in a while; during their gaming time, they fall and break or fracture some of their teeth and gums. It is unfortunate that as children, they tend to barely know how to handle dental injuries. Hence, they might end up calling you or get to their rooms to sleep as they wait for your return. Consequently, when you get to your premises, you will have to rush them to a dentist without prior appointment! Even so, there are certain things that you should be aware of that can help minimize the severity and effects of dental accidents.

How to handle dental emergencies

To begin with, you will want to make a call to your family doctor or dentist so they can get ready for your child. Note that you will have to provide brief explanation of the incurred injuries as you rush to the medical facility. In case you do not know any dentist who is close to your locality, try to research online and trace one who will fix you in their tight schedules. Fortunately, most medical facilities have an emergency care unit that can typically handle all first aid needs before referring patients to higher level hospitals. Your friends can also recommend a healthcare center for you!


First aid for common dental emergencies

Toothache is one of the leading dental alarms in most clinics. Often, toothaches are an indication of an underlying tooth condition. It is unfortunate that people often ignore minor pains until they can no longer endure them. It is advisable to take painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol as you try to get to a medical facility. However, ensure you do not fall victim of taking overdoses because of the intensity of the pain.

It is also expected that you will nurse swellings at one point in your lifetime. Swellings are a manifestation of infections. Hence, you should make an immediate appointment with your dentist for treatment. Also, see to it that you resist the temptation of purchasing OTC antibiotics.

Childrens dentist Epping becomes essential when your child fractures their teeth. It is simple to restore such teeth but you must avoid consuming cold and hot foods before restoration. This is because tooth fractures intensify tooth sensitivity. In addition, you should not bite using the affected jaw sides because more pressure on fractured teeth lead to more pain.

In the case of losing a crown, you will want to keep it safe. This is the only way to be sure of successful re-cementation. Do not put the tooth in water but in cold milk or on the side of your mouth. You can use silver lining and try to put the tooth back to its position but do not force it or handle its root!

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offers solutions to all of your childs dental emergency concerns. Toothaches, swellings, tooth fractures and lost crowns constitute


emergency dental Epping. You should use suitable painkillers to minimize pain in all cases. Then, you must make immediate appointment with a dentist to ensure your childs condition is reinstated.



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