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One of the basic services provided by domestic cleaning company for home is of course dusting. You need to be thorough in it to get the best results possible. You don’t have to do anything drastic simply undertake the mission to blast your home on a weekly and biweekly basis and it will help it to keep looking like new. When you are warming up to a house-cleaning job begin with dusting as it paves the way for bigger endeavors. For example, it will allow you to pick up things from the floor fluff your cushions, pillows, do basic tidying, and fold your throw blankets. When you do regular dusting jobs but consistently miss some area, it will be visible separately provided you are thorough in your undertaking.

Don’t forget to move the items

In order to get the best results from dusting endeavors like it is important to move different items such as the furniture from its place to increase your reach upon surfaces. It seems extremely convenient when compared to picking up every piece individually for dusting below. Not sure if you are replacing the right thing at the right place? No problem simply take a photograph of the BEFORE scenario for comparison later. Domestic cleaning company uses this tactic to ensure the complete satisfaction of their clients when nothing appears out of place.

Cleaning the ceiling fans


An important part of dusting endeavors is making your ceiling fans sparkle like new. Naturally, it is never within your hands reach so just perch yourself on a sturdy stool or chair to do the job thoroughly. Once you are used to this spotless fan it will become your habit to maintain it in the stellar condition.

Dusting your window ledges

This is another important area of every home that requires regular dust cleaning and all you need to do it right is a piece of cloth for mopping. Nowadays, you can also use vacuum cleaners for thorough dusting job but make sure to raise the curtains and blinds to access the ledges effectively.

Dusting the baseboards

An important for home cleaning services that you hire is cleaning of baseboards. Without this, your house will not appear as clean as you desire. While let it stick out like a sore thumb? Get to them with a vacuum cleaner, mop, or anything else to remove the dust completely.

Patio doors and the rest

Cleaning your doors and windows is also a part of dusting and while you are at it don’t forget the plates for light switches and door jams as well. Look for the presence of nose prints, as these are the favorite places for animals to reside. Use damp clothes wherever required to ensure the best cleaning results and thorough dusting.

Can’t miss the basicscan you

Home cleaning Gurgaon takes care to deal with the basics first before the undertaking anything else related to house dusting. This includes bed frames, it’s side rails, sides of armoires, cabinets, chair bases, legs, stairwell ledges, picture frames, curtain rods, spindles, banisters, and more.

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