Dog Bites And Your Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

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Dog bites often happens out of ignorance and most victims are children since they are not aware of the dangers they are facing when they are with a dog. For them it s all like a toys where they can stroke, slap, pull ears and tails whenever they want to. Most often these kids are bitten because they have pet the dog without a supervision of an adult. Even how friendly and sociable a dog can be when it feels threatened and scare it bites for its their natural instinct to protect themselves. In California dog s often hurt the owner and the children around the dog. When the dog bites a guest the guest may very well go hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer and come back to sue you. Sometimes the reverse is true and you may have to hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to sue. The best thing is to prevent the dog bite in the first place.

Thus it is important for dog owners to teach their kid how to behave around dogs and teach them the things that they should never do to a dog like the following:

Don t pet any unknown dog. Always ask the owner first and make sure the owner is around when you pet the dog to supervise. If it s a dog without an owner it is better to just stay out of it because it s probably a stray dog.


Make sure to let your presence be acknowledged by the dog before you try petting him. Never surprise a dog and never pet a sleeping dog. A child should learn not to stare directly to the dog s eye. The dog will find you a threat. Another thing is avoid getting noisy around the dog. Their hearing is much sharper than humans thus they are sensitive and can become very agitated. Children should learn not to keep on chasing the dog and grab it for a bear hug.

When face by an aggressive dog, never turn around and run for they will consider you a prey thus the dog will chase after you and attack you. Instead, stand straight like statue and as much as possible your hands inside your pocket and most of all look away and never stare into the dogs eyes. Look at something else and for sure after a short while the dog will lose interest and will leave you.

One thing important for parents, never leave your kids with your pet dog. An adult should always be present to take care of the kids and their pet dogs. It is also the responsibility of a pet owner to train their dogs properly so it won t turn aggressive around people and other animals.

Owning a dog come a big responsibility. You have to be responsible in taking care of your dogs not to do any damage to other people or even in your household. You can t just own one, take it home and leave it to the care of other people.

Remember that dog bites can be very fatal sometimes and it can even lead to death in some cases so if you are planning to buy a pet dog then make sure that you have the time to train your dog, take care of it so that it won t be a threat to the people around you. Be aware on how to prevent dog attacks and educate your whole household too to avoid any accidents.

Often you are on the receiving end and you have no choice but to hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to help you with your injury claim.

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