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Reference Guide To Hp2 T26 Exam

March 9th, 2019

Reference Guide to HP2-T26 Exam


James Dowdle

HP2-T26 exam also commonly recognized as Servicing HP BladeSystem Solutions exam. This is a part of the HP ExpertONE Certification program.

Ideal Aspirants

Ideal aspirants for this exam are system engineers and technical engineers. It is specially intended for the following job roles.

HP Authorized Service Partners

HP Customer IT Staff

HP Service Support Engineers

Concept and Objectives

This Course is designed to provide extensive knowledge of technology deployed by HP BladeSystem Solutions and technical understanding of BladeSystem Infrastructure including building blocks, server Blades, and Inter Connect modules. The course also provides extensive knowledge of service technicalities such as Diagnostic tools and evolve the ability of swift analysis of customer problem and proposing resolve.


Questionnaire contains Sixty Seven items. Questions are multiple choices requiring a single-response or multiple choices requiring multiple-answers. Answers are considered correct if all required choices are marked. Incomplete responses will be considered as wrong or incorrect answer. It also contains drag and drop, point and click, and matching questions. Exam is approximately one hundred minutes long. Candidate securing seventy three percent or higher marks are considered as passed candidate. This course is available in English language.

Course Outline

Following topics are included but are not limited for this exam.

Fundamental server architectures & technologies

YouTube Preview Image

(26 percent questions)

Identification/comparison processor technologies, usage

Identification/comparison memory subsystem arch, components

Definition of disaster recovery concepts & technologies

Identification/Definition of data center components design

HP Server products, solutions, & warranty/service offerings

(21 percent questions)

Differentiate HP server products, technologies, processes

Explain health and fault technologies

Identification/Definition of HP datacenter & rack infrastructure solutions

Comparison of I/O connectivity options

Comparison of HP storage options

Identification of HP high-availability & HPC solutions

Identification of HP management tools & solutions

Differentiate HP standard warranties for server solutions

Comparison of Care Packs & Bundles, service offerings

Solution implementation (install, configure, setup)

(27 percent questions)

Installation of the rack and accessories

Installation/configuration server hardware, infrastructure, options

Installation/attach HP external storage

Configuration of server & related options

Installation, configuration of HP management software

Solution enhancement (performance-tune, optimization, upgrade)

(26 percent questions)

Registration Process

Registration for this course is available at The HP Learning Centre. For additional Information, spot the course attachments within The Learning Centre. This module may also be accessible in the Internal learning management system of Hewlett Packard, Grow@hp. You can search the course by its title if number does not list it.

Cancellation penalties may apply in case of request for cancellation from candidate. For further details contact HP authorized Training Centre or HP education Services for their respective rules and regulations.

The training centre delivering the module collects course fee and it may vary from one venue to other.

Preparation Tips

HP Learning Center offers some recommended learning courses and training material for exam preparation. Please contact HP for any further detailed information or visit following website to download stuff. Registration will be required before downloading of any recommended material. It is recommended to review training stuff before exam.

It is essential to test your knowledge and ability before taking this exam. Candidate will have to be entirely familiar with the contents and concepts of course prior to taking exam.

Contact Information

For any further information or inquiry on desired topic, please contact HP Certified Professional Program.

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Reference Guide to HP2-T26 Exam

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The Most Important Equipment For Motorsport Racing}

February 7th, 2019

The Most Important Equipment for Motorsport Racing


WestonMotorsport racing is a popular sport. Although there is a professional race circuit that is difficult to get into, amateur enthusiasts have a chance to try their hand at many tracks that allow racing. Whether you have dreams of racing in the big leagues or just want to test yourself on a track, there are some important pieces of equipment you need to improve your abilities and ensure your safety. For those just starting out, you might start with just a few essential items and then add more as you progress in the sport.Safety Seats The seats in your car most likely will not handle your racing, even if you have a top model sports car. Choosing sport racing seats that match your intended use go a long way in improving the comfort and safety of your car. It is important to utilize something that is ergonomic, so that even after hours you remain agile and ready to make your moves.The Right Tires In addition to sport racing seats, you also need to find the right racing tires for your car. Motorsport racing is tough on tires, and with the wrong ones, you could burn through them too quickly or have a blowout. The top grade racing tires might wear down the tread and burst, so you definitely do not want to skimp and rely on standard tires. Helmet Another safety feature is a helmet. Even if you do not want to kit out your car to take a spin around a track, you will need a helmet. It should include a Snell sticker, which is an evaluation group that sets the industry standards for safety. It should also fit well and be hard enough to protect you while also feeling comfortable. Steering Wheel and More If you plan to do a lot of racing, you might find it beneficial to invest in a steering wheel. This provides you with more control over your vehicle. There are many other additions you can make to your vehicle to enhance its ability on the track beyond sport racing seats and a steering wheel. You might want to have better pedals or a shifting knob to make it easier to shift when needed. It is also beneficial to get a special racing belt for your seat to further enhance the safety.Suit Up For those who really want to race at top speeds around the track, it is essential to get a good suit. Choose one that is non-combustible and will also insulate against any heat, both of which protect you in case of fire. It is also important that it will maintain its integrity after an accident, especially one involving fire. Another important consideration is fit and comfort level. In addition to the suit, invest in some solid underwear, shoes and racing gloves. Not all amateur racers will decide to invest in all of this equipment, but for those who plan to do more than one lap around the track, it is essential to make some alterations to your vehicle. This not only improves the performance of the car; it also adds another level of protection in case you end up in an accident.

Weston Barnes is a write and an avid reader. When he’s not writing about

YouTube Preview Image

sport racing seats

business, marketing, health, pets, or relationships, he’s immersed in his latest book. When Weston was little, he would have to sneak a book light into his room so he could read until the wee hours of the night.

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Cold Air Intake}

July 29th, 2018

Cold air intake


Louie LiuWhen we talk of cars we today we also talk of their impact on the global climate. There is talk of carbon emissions and how electric cars are better even if they are more expensive because they do not produce green house gases. But let us face it, electric cars are not going to become the dominant car type anytime soon and therefore it makes sense to reduce emissions from fossil fuel cars.Why does a car emit green house gases? For one as part of the reaction green house gases are formed and another reason is the incomplete burning of the fuel. Now we would think that like gas in our gas stove the inflammable car fuel would get combusted quickly when the fuel is ignited with a spark. However this combustion takes place inside the relatively small confines of a the engine cylinder. Not only is the space limited but also is the time available for the fuel to burn is very little because the fuel is cyclically being injected into the cylinder and the cycle period is very small.Inside this small space and within the small amount of time available more fuel will burn if the air available is rich in oxygen. That is where a cold air intake

is able to make a difference. A cold air intake takes cold air directly to the engine cylinder. Being cold more air is able to get into the volume of the cylinder and therefore there is more oxygen available for the fuel to burn.

This means more fuel is now burnt in every cycle and therefore you get a greater thrust as a slightly greater amount of fuel now explosively burns in each cycle. As a result you get more power. And since lesser fuel now goes waste you also get a better fuel economy. Therefore cold air intakes

improve power and increase mileage. They also help reduce the emissions from the car.

YouTube Preview Image

A cold air intake also looks cool on the outside of your car. It adds a deep throaty sound to your car’s better performance. You can see the latest cold air intakes at

Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5years. He specializes in body kits, headlights, cold air intakes & other aftermarket products. You can learn more about a

cold air intake


air intakes

at his site


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Pecos Man Camp Delivering Comfort In Sleep

April 28th, 2018

Pecos Man Camp Delivering Comfort in Sleep


Micheal James

Experience the superb facilities of Pecos Man Camp!! With best Pecos man camp models for camping and backpacking, you can get first class facilities with great comfort. Actually the field of mining and construction in remote areas are essential for managing the large infrastructure projects in these areas. Due to these kinds of Pecos man camp facilities, workers will be able to reside in or near the premises. So, the decision of take advantages from Pecos man camp is right for you.

One of the leading turnkey workforce housing providers, Target Logistics provides right workforce accommodations solution with wonderful services. This is very well-known company which is providing comfort and convenience services to the customers. It is provider Pecos man camp, Permian basin man camp, or Bakken workforce housing and Man Camp. Generally the workers are not satisfied with man camps or temporary housing because of insufficient facilities. But the Pecos Man Camp can serve you better, and when it s about Target Logistics, this company has excellent facility provided in the Pecos man camp like 254 hours dining facility, recreation all rooms, with flat screen TV and DVD players, private attached jack and Jill style bathrooms.

YouTube Preview Image

Pecos man camp is capable to serve around 200 workers of gas, oil and pipeline industries. Pecos hot climate condition makes it essential for workers to have a workforce housing that offers facilities to beat the heat and also is strong and facilities to get protections. There is the food served that suits or proffered by workers to keep them satisfied. The customization facility is also provided there. These kind of housing providing companies understand the needs of its customers and work accordingly which is essential for worker satisfaction and for achieving the end results as expected.

Their services comprise turnkey housing, transportation, security, catering and logistical solutions. As you can see, these services will be helpful particularly to increase the productivity of workspace at most affordable prices. Expert team hardly works to serve you at anytime, anywhere. Staying in man camps is a viable option that needs to be considered for all workers who are working in natural resources related companies. Some of the best man camps are those which easily folded away and stored for easy transport. There are many alternatives and brands out. But consider a right man camp in your decision. Then, get ready to take advantages of Pecos man camp with great comfort. is one of the leading online logistics, offering excellent solution by considering every aspects of your business and offers you maximum advantageous solution for them. They offer collection of services like

Man camp

, workforce housing, Bakken workforce housing,

Pecos man camp

and many other at the most affordable rates.

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What Size Cupola Would Look Best}

March 30th, 2018

What Size Cupola would Look Best


Elda Titus

Cupolas provide attic ventilation by reducing moisture and temperature. Throughout the years, cupolas have served as an architectural enhancement and today are becoming very popular by adding a bit of country charm.

Cupolas serve many different purposes from a decorative ornament to a useful ventilation system. Cupolas add grandeur to the roof tops they are placed on. They have adorned monasteries, palaces, and mosques adding that elegant finishing touch. Cupolas provide attic ventilation by reducing moisture and temperature.

Throughout the years, cupolas have served as an architectural enhancement and today are becoming very popular by adding a bit of country charm. Cupolas can be added to homes, garages, gazebos, as well as barns and can be seen from a great distance.

During the post-revolutionary period in the United States, cupolas became all the rage, and were commonly seen on churches, government buildings, and cathedrals. They were often considered a democratic symbol to Americans.

In the 1920’s, with buildings arriving on the prairie frontier, cupolas were seen springing up on many a farmstead. Placed on the rooftops of barns where they vented warm, moist heat out of the building, eliminating odor and mildew. This provided longevity to the structure.

YouTube Preview Image

There are numerous styles, sizes, and colors available when choosing a cupola to meet the varied tastes and dcor of the consumer. They come in round, rectangle, and octagonal. The roof comes in bell or pagoda styles, which is determined by the architecture of the building it will be placed on.

Taking time to make the right decision regarding the size and style will ensure a balanced look. The goal is to choose one that fits the architectural design and will integrate into the building.

Most manufacturers will provide guidelines and information to help you make your decision. The formula used for getting the proper proportion of cupola size to roof length is at least one inch of cupola base to every foot of uninterrupted roof length.

Once given the measurements, the manufacturer will be able to recommend which size and style would be the best. All cupolas are designed and built to a height that is proportionate to the base size. A few facts when considering size:

– Choosing too small of a cupola may give the appearance of a child’s toy sitting on top of your roof.

_ One that is too large may dwarf the building it is placed on.

– For larger homes, a taller cupola will enhance and compliment the building; they may look huge on the ground, but once placed on the roof it loses its massive size.

Cupolas are permanent and are exposed to the elements of nature all year round. This makes it very important to choose quality materials and to have them properly caulked and sealed.

Basic installation is the same regardless of size or shape. The only difference between a decorative and a ventilating cupola is that you have to cut a hole along the ridge line in the ventilating cupolas.

How long will the cupola last? The key to longevity is simple. Take care of it. By giving it a fresh coat of paint periodically and sealing any open seams you can add many years to the life of your cupola.

Popularity of these structures is climbing as they give character to an otherwise drab building. By adding a weathervane you can further personalize your cupola. They can be a fun way to add your unique personality to your property as well as identify the area in which you live.

Cupolas provide the crowning touch to your dwellings adding value and beauty for years to come. They are a visual enhancement that makes a lasting first impression.

Copyright (c) 2009 Elda Titus

Elda Titus is the owner of Prairie Rose Country selling cupolas built by quality craftsman out of marine plywood for longevity. They are completely primed, painted, caulked and sealed prior to shipment. To check out these beautiful cupolas go to:>

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What Size Cupola would Look Best}

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Are You Thinking Of Starting A Heavy Equipment Hire Business?

October 4th, 2017

Are You Thinking Of Starting a Heavy Equipment Hire Business?


Tobias Deleon

Have you ever needed the use of some heavy machinery, for your home, or for your business? Perhaps you needed a concrete mixer for your driveway, or some crushing equipment for a landscaping project. These are expensive items, even the daily rates seem quite steep; don\’t even look at the sale prices! In this day and age, we are modernizing our homes, our gardens at an alarming rate; why not take advantage of this supply and demand situation? Perhaps you are bored of your current job, or maybe you have some cash for a paying hobby venture? Here follows a compact guide to taking those first steps.

Heavy Equipment

Let\’s take a look at what machinery falls into this category. On the smaller scale we have; concrete mixers, pneumatic drills, waste disposal machines, large lawn mowers. On the large side there are; Bulldozers, Loaders, Excavators, Cranes and Tractors.

Two Parties

Essentially this business will involve two parties; the company that hires out the equipment, and the people/businesses that require the use of these machines.

Why Do They Rent?

YouTube Preview Image

In most cases, these machines are only used once, and for a short period of time, the cost to buy a heavy machine would be high and unreasonable expenses considering its use requirements. As a result, the hire business caters for their needs, and still charges a hefty rate for the daily hire. This is a good business to get involved in!

How To Get Customers

You will need to launch an efficient advertising campaign, use all of the available mediums; Internet, signs, word of mouth. Try advertising your business with appropriate signage on your own vehicle.

Know Your Business

Do some research into the technical and business side of the Heavy equipment hiring process. You should speak to potential customers about the most desirable models and types of equipment usually in demand.

A One Man Show?

It\’s often an exhausting decision, running a business solo, you should consider at least taking on a partner. Draw up a skill set requirement, especially of the skills you do not yet possess. Accounting experience, Sales technique, technical knowledge; these are just a few of the daily pitfalls out there.


These machines are big, often very big; as such you will need considerable storage and display space available. That will rule out a town centre location, shop around for available plots in existing retail parks. You may find a cheap option, twenty kilometers from town, but will anybody be able to find your place, let alone be bothered to make the trek?

Insider\’s Viewpoint

Before taking the plunge into the unknown, why not do some paid research? Look around for available jobs in the heavy machinery hire business. You don\’t need to dedicate ten years to the cause, even a six month stint as a trainee worker is far better than going in blind.

Give It Some Thought

A large percentage of new business ventures are doomed to failure, usually because the investor/designer does not think the whole event through properly. Follow the above steps, and give yourself plenty of breathing space before making the commitment.

Following these simple steps, you can start a business providing quality

Australian rock breaking equipment on hire

. Visit this


and get more information.

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