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July 29th, 2018

Cold air intake


Louie LiuWhen we talk of cars we today we also talk of their impact on the global climate. There is talk of carbon emissions and how electric cars are better even if they are more expensive because they do not produce green house gases. But let us face it, electric cars are not going to become the dominant car type anytime soon and therefore it makes sense to reduce emissions from fossil fuel cars.Why does a car emit green house gases? For one as part of the reaction green house gases are formed and another reason is the incomplete burning of the fuel. Now we would think that like gas in our gas stove the inflammable car fuel would get combusted quickly when the fuel is ignited with a spark. However this combustion takes place inside the relatively small confines of a the engine cylinder. Not only is the space limited but also is the time available for the fuel to burn is very little because the fuel is cyclically being injected into the cylinder and the cycle period is very small.Inside this small space and within the small amount of time available more fuel will burn if the air available is rich in oxygen. That is where a cold air intake

is able to make a difference. A cold air intake takes cold air directly to the engine cylinder. Being cold more air is able to get into the volume of the cylinder and therefore there is more oxygen available for the fuel to burn.

This means more fuel is now burnt in every cycle and therefore you get a greater thrust as a slightly greater amount of fuel now explosively burns in each cycle. As a result you get more power. And since lesser fuel now goes waste you also get a better fuel economy. Therefore cold air intakes

improve power and increase mileage. They also help reduce the emissions from the car.

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A cold air intake also looks cool on the outside of your car. It adds a deep throaty sound to your car’s better performance. You can see the latest cold air intakes at

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