Buying A Global Positioning System}

Buying a Global Positioning System


James Bunter

Are you trying to find a Global Positioning System (GPS)? Many different series of GPS units are available. This can be confusing if you are new to the concept. Begin by looking into such leading brands as Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Navignon. A global positioning system is a great deal more than simply a map. There is a wide variety of additional capabilities among the various GPS units. For example, with a good GPS you can find restaurants and gas stations, locate alternate routes around traffic congestion, and play satellite radio. Its important that you figure out what you want from your GPS and how you will be using it before you buy one.

Designed using technology developed by the military, a GPS system has been authorized for use by the general public. GPS devices are now found in cell phones, boats, automobiles, and hand-held devices. Early on, GPS systems were really expensive for the broad consumer market, but today you can purchase a quality device for under $200. There are currently a lot of different brands, features, and map types for site navigation. Be sure to read the reviews and compare units before you decide on your final purchase.


The company’s web site states that Garmin is dedicated to a mission of performance, value, service, innovation, and convenience. As a matter of fact, Garmin, which has been in business since 1989, is currently the most widely recognized North American brand of Global Positioning Systems. The company is based in Kansas, and not a single part of the manufacturing process is ever outsourced. This American company takes pride in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling their products themselves. GPS navigation systems can be obtained for a variety of lifestyles. For example, did you know you can get a fitness-based system? There are also marine technology systems, automotive GPS systems, aviation technology systems, systems for hikers or campers, and site navigation for geocachers.

Another top brand, besides Garmin, is Magellan. It offers its most popular GPS system, the Magellan Maestro 4250, online for a price of $90-$279. Starting at $249, the TomTom ONE XL 330-S is the most popular navigator manufactured by Dutch company TomTom. Priced from $248, the 2100 Max Portable Navigator is Navignons most popular model. Wide screens, customization options and text-to-speech functions are some of the features these models offer. Besides basic maps and points of interest locators, many GPS units can locate hospitals, pharmacies, and roadside assistance for you, while also offering lane assist and reality view maps.

When purchasing a GPS device for your car, check out the number of “points of interest” that are being offered. The ideal number would be around 6 million; you may find anything less then 2 million frustrating. The size of the screen, which ranges from 2.1 inches up to 7 inches, is important as well. While large screens are suitable for cars, you will require something with a smaller screen if you are on foot. You should get a GPS with decent functionality; it should let you switch maps or search points of interest with only a button tap or two. Some of the latest, more advanced GPS systems include functions like multi-destination routing, satellite radio, an audio book player, and an MP3 player. Keep in mind that knowing how you want to use your global positioning system and doing a bit of research will help you find one that satisfies all of your needs.

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Buying a Global Positioning System }