Burnt Exhaust Tips For Those Who Want Blue Tipped Exhaust Pipe}

October 13th, 2017

Burnt Exhaust Tips For Those Who Want Blue Tipped Exhaust Pipe



Many car owners are now falling in love with the blue burnt exhaust tips. Although it is the official trademark of the titanium exhaust pipes, the stainless steel exhaust tips can also turn in to blue if subjected to intense heat. This blue discoloration is mainly caused by extreme heat. When the exhaust pipe is subjected to intense heat and burnt to red hot color, a blue color will appear when it cools down.

The materials required:

The materials needed to get the burnt look at the tip of the exhaust pipe are

-Metal polish,

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-Soap or degreaser, and

-Blowtorch (could be butane, propane or something of that sort)

The procedure:

Take off exhaust tip or entire pipe: Begin by taking off the exhaust tip or the entire exhaust. This ensures the firing and cleaning can be performed easily and safely.

Polish the metal:

The metal should be properly polished before you begin burning the tips. In some cars models, the exhaust tips may be shiny and clean but have some slightly bronze tit on them. For the best custom exhaust tips, ensure that the metal has silver look. You can use almost any preferred metal polish. Use rag to apply the polish then rub it by your hand. If the metal is oxidized, the application may be a bit difficult but in most cases, the process is very easy and will take just some few minutes of your time. In case the exhaust pipe metal is not in good shape, consider using buffer. The metal will look shiny and without any discoloration after applying the polish or buffer.

Clean the metal:

The stainless steel exhaust tips should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure there is no polish residue left on them before being out on fire. Use degreaser, soap or any other substance to thoroughly clean the metal.

Heating metal:

This is the hardest, and interestingly, the fun part of this process. Ignite the torch and begin heating the metal slowly. Ensure you evenly move the flame around the outside part of the tip. You need to heat continuously for some time before the metal gets red hot and glowing. When the metal gets pretty hot, slow down the heating and now focus more on the smaller areas in the tip of the perimeter.

Move the fame slowly back and forth until the exhaust pipe turns red hot. This should be done slowly if you want the best results. Note that if the metal gets too hot, it will not turn blue as it cools. So, the aim should be to heat it to mild glow if you want to get the best blue color. You can heat and let it cool to check how blue it turns when it cools. If the blue is not sufficient, heat again and let it cool off.

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