A Few Tips And Tools For Easy Holiday Decorating

By Seraphina Amelia Dornan

The fall and winter Holiday Season is upon us once more, and most of the country is facing it with less money and time than the years before. Working harder leaves less time for decorating, and the money worries leave everyone stressed out. This Holiday Season we would like to offer a few tips and tools to relieve some of the stress from your life when it comes time to decorate your home for the Holidays.

Mother Nature has been a bountiful provider over the years at harvest time, and she not only provides food, she provides the accents needed to make our homes beautiful. The autumn color scheme is perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and with a couple of hours to spare you can find almost everything you need to decorate for the fall holidays. Grab a basket, a pair of snips, and a few large plastic storage bags, and you are ready for a walk to gather from Nature your free Holiday decorations. On your walk gather leaves in autumn colors, pine cones, seed pods, and stalks of dried wheat, cattails, acorns, small tree branches with interesting curves, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Make a stop at the farm store, and for a couple of dollars you can find bales of straw, and fountain grass.

Once you have found all of your natural decorating elements, it is time to return home and gather up the tools you will need to create beautiful venues in your home. Using an old tool box or tackle box as your work box, make a list of items to fill it. Items like a tape measure, notepad and pencil, scissors, tape, floral wire, raffia, ribbon in fall colors, hammer, tacks, glue gun, stapler, garden clippers, wire cutter, and pliers. Now you have a tool box that can work all year round to help keep your decorating schemes easier.


Another great tip is keeping your eyes open all year round for items that go on sale and can be stored for later use. After the Holidays most stores drastically reduce their prices on seasonal items and you can pick them up for a fair price. Decorating elements that can be used every year like dried flowers, artificial ears of corn, pumpkins, wheat, fountain grass, ribbons and bows in seasonal colors, vines, flower picks, and a vast list of other items, can all be found on sale. You can also purchase textiles on sale like towels, kitchen supplies, table cloths, napkins, and seasonal area rugs, or outdoor rugs which feature motifs of the holidays. All of these can be carefully stored and reused year after year.

Now you have all you need to create beautiful decorating venues for the fall holiday season, and with a little careful planning you can use them all again and again. Make a visit to the local book store and grab a few quality home decorating magazines. If money is short, buy a cup of coffee and read them there. Look through them and make notes of the decorating themes that are used, and you can re-create the beautiful pictures you find within, and take it home and claim it for yourself. You might be amazed at the absolute beauty that can be achieved by using free items from Nature, a few bargains from the local stores, and a little creative imagining.

With the right tools, a decorating venue can be completed in a couple of hours. For example:

Your front entryway can be decorated for Halloween and carry all the way through Thanksgiving with just a few changes in the seasonal elements. Place a wreath on the door, a few witches and ghost can be tied on with orange or brown ribbon and bows. Place an outdoor rug with a fall motif to the side, and place a pot or two of beautiful bronze chrysanthemums and a few pumpkins and gourds, and your entryway is ready for guest. Change the witches and ghost to pilgrims in November and your ready for Thanksgiving.

Keep your decorating simple and easy this year, detach yourself from the rat race of keeping up with the neighbors, and only work to impress yourself with your own creativity and imagination, and your fall and winter Holiday season can be stress free with a little help from Nature, and a few tips and tools.

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