30 Minutes Of Cardio Every Day Essential For Weight Loss

By Daniel Clay

Pause and think of most commercial movies coming out these days. They often deal with the lives of the rich and the famous, with emotional problems. Sure they have the right workout and sporting gear. Sure they have their fitness schedules well worked out, with yoga at a certain time, running at another, Pilates at yet another. The movies try to imply that even if these rich people are able to afford these expensive workouts, they still do not get benefits from it. However, the truth is that the characters in the movies don’t really do them sincerely.

The truth is where the roots are

Remember how you used to feel so fit as a child? You had so much energy. All you ever wanted to do was go out and play with your friends. And then, you grew up. Suddenly, it all stopped. Instead, your life became about being hooked onto a computer, attending meetings, eating high-calorie food and not getting enough sleep. The result? Huffing and puffing even if you simply need to climb a flight of stairs! So, think back to your days of childhood. Sure you had school, homework and chores. But you always made time to PLAY. That is what is missing in your life right now. That will make all the difference.

The truth can be simple


When you think of your colleague getting into perfect shape because of an expensive workout program, you envy the results but shrink away because of the price. What about saving for a bigger apartment? What about saving for your child’s education? You can easily make a ton of excuses. But consider the truth first. Yes, the TRUTH. The truth is that all you need is just half an hour of rigorous exercise regularly to become fit again. You heard it right. All you need is half an hour.

What the doctors say

Doctors recommend at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 days a week. This is absolutely essential to your body, as essential as food and sleep. The reason we bypass on exercise so often is because we put off the calls our body sends us that ask for us to exercise. Aches, pain, excess weight and other dysfunctions of the body, even a regular case of indigestion, are results of the body’s lack of exercise. It is not just your work that is causing fatigue and weakness. It is also lack of exercise.

What is cardio?

Cardio sounds like a fancy name that you find on dozens of workout videos. But it is the essence of exercise, the absolute core. Why? Because it works up the center of your body, the heart. If your body is a chain of systems, then your heart is the main energy station. Without it, the system will be in total darkness. It is very easy to recharge this energy station. Just make it pump faster. Rigorous activities like running, outdoor sports, adventure sports, dancing, all of these are forms of cardiovascular exercises. Even brisk walking and climbing the stairs counts.

Losing weight is the most common reason for joining workout programs. However, instead of making it such an anxious effort, try to keep it simple an fun. A good personal trainer can make the perfect advisor and companion for your journey towards becoming fit and healthy. After all, the road to weight loss should not be a lonely one.

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