The Pros And Cons Of Tca Tattoo Removal

By Beth Munoz

Body art is something that many people like to get. For them, it’s a permanent way to express their feelings about something, be it inanimate or animate. However, while body art is the kind of thing that people get to go against the mainstream, sometimes getting rid of that body art is even more extreme.

An excellent example of an extreme way to remove tattoos is TCA tatoo removal. Usually, when a person decides to get a tattoo removed, the process is done with a laser. However, laser removal can be costly, so people that don’t have as much money have resorted to TCA tatoo removal.

So, what is TCA tatoo removal? It is a non-prescription agent (it looks like water) that is applied to the skin with a q-tip once every six weeks. It is meant to slowly dissolve the skin, layer by layer, until the tattoo is gone. Of course, TCA tatoo removal is a benefit to those who have too little money to removed their tattoos the traditional way, but this kind of tattoo removal comes with some serious risks.


First of all, this kind of tattoo removal is not FDA approved, because of the health risks it can cause. The agent is basically an acid, and some people have had horrible side effects, such as skin bubbling, and disfiguring scarring. People who have no idea what they are doing try to remove their tattoos more quickly, and use to much of the agent. This is part of why there are so many risks associated with this process.

So, where can the agent be found? Well, it is actually harder to find than ever before, but it is sometimes sold at tattoo shops. Tattoo artists are generally opposed to this form of tattoo removal, and that should be indication enough that it might be less money, but it really is too dangerous.

If you’re looking to get rid of a tattoo, the only method that you can safely consider is the laser method. This method is one in which a laser will safely remove the upper layers of the skin that have the tattoo ink embedded in them. This process, like TCA, will require reapplication every six weeks or so. In the meantime, the skin area being treated will need special care.

For example, the area will be extremely sensitive, if not swollen, and will thus need to be specially wrapped with gauze. The area should be kept clean, and the gauze wrapping will need to be changed every few days. When it comes time to take a shower, make sure that you don’t use a loofah, as it would further irritate the skin. Of course, the skin area being treated should stay out of the sun at all times.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only choose a skilled doctor who specializes in this area to remove your tattoo. This way, you will be able to relax during the procedure, knowing that your skin won’t be scarred.

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