Gastric Bypass Full Procedure

Gastric Bypass-Full procedure


Andres Betancourt

The bariatric market is full of innumerable procedures. Most of these procedures involve cutting, stapling etc. These surgeries work by making the size of the stomach smaller. The main purpose is to reduce the area over which the digestion process occurs. This is mostly achieved by reducing the length of the small-intestine.

The bypass surgery is referred to the patient when all other means of weight loss like medicines, exercise etc. have been availed for at least six months to no success. Also, the patient has to satisfy some preliminary conditions to be considered for this surgery. One of these is that the patient should have a BMI of more than 40. Persons with a BMI of 35 and suffering from a major medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure can also go for this surgery. In addition, the patient should also be committed to losing weight and should be ready to make some permanent changes to his lifestyle.


This procedure works mainly by decreasing the size of the stomach. The length of the small-intestine is shortened and this reduces the area of food absorption. In other terms, most of the food is bypassed and hence, this surgery is called as

Gastric bypass

. This helps the patient to lose weight by eating less. And most of the food that is consumed is not absorbed properly and bypassed. This surgery is helpful for the all the patients from obese to morbid obese.

The surgeon gives many guidelines before the surgery is performed. Strict guidelines are given to the patients to quit smoking. Smoking only weakens the immunity of the body and thus, slows down the recovery after the surgery. It also increases the chances of blood clots, wound infection, chest infection etc. In short, smoking should be stopped one month before the surgery to avoid any kind of complications after the gastric bypass surgery.

Alcohol is another drink that should be avoided. The patient should stop drinking at least two weeks before the surgery. This not only helps to lower the risk of complications but also helps to reduce the size of liver. This helps to carry out the surgery more easily using the keyhole technology. In addition to this, a diet that is low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates should be consumed. The patient should concentrate on consuming foods that are rich in protein and vitamins. Also, remember to get all the tests like blood test, urine test etc. done before the surgery.

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