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faithdoubt.com » Blog Archive » Beijing Summer Clothing Market Heated Fast

Beijing Summer Clothing Market Heated Fast

February 24th, 2018

By Himfr Tian

Recently in several major department stores in Beijing that the many brands of summer debut, summer clothing market, the battle had begun. Beijing New World Department Store, Chongwenmen staff told reporters that the rapid warming as the weather, summer clothing sales boom has come to the brand’s competition is getting intense.

Seasonal spring selling cheap

Relatively short time in spring this year, which all spring manufacturers in terms of sales, more or less had some impact. Now the market is the summer stage, do not sell it where to go finished the spring?

Reporter visited several garment factories and shopping malls in the sales department, found that the current approach of the spring have the following 3 methods: first, by a very low discount prices, sale organized by field, with prices to attract consumers, continue to sell part of the spring ; Second, part of the brand to allow shopping centers to sell the remaining spring returned to the manufacturer; Finally, there are some spring shopping will stay until spring before the second year, prior to listing in the new spring again at a discount. Through a series of measures, can not sell it in the spring digestion.

“Although the weather has been very hot, many people began to buy summer, but now spring is really a very cheap price, as long as the style and quality are in line with my request, I will choose to buy a number of styles and colors of spring will not be out of date keep wearing the fall or next year, after all, is now more affordable to buy! “is a discount shopping mall spring of Miss Liu told reporters. She and her friends have bought some spring like his, but because of high prices and not buy the spring.

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The new summer hot market

May 13, went to the Beijing Zoo and the century clothing wholesale Tin Lok international apparel market. Coincides with the weekend, where the sales of summer clothing. Market in big crowds, although the cabin can accommodate a lot of stalls with people choose clothing, but did not affect the enthusiasm of consumers, many people stand in front of several teams from the long wait for election into the room clothing. Pairs of couples and a companion of the female consumer has become the main force of consumption. Under the influence in such a climate, even the journalists feel that they wear long clothing trousers, not only outdated it heavy, but also the buy summer clothes.

For apparel manufacturers, the early end of last year, clothing replacement plan had identified only need fine-tuning can be based on market price. Many manufacturers have said that early production and sales in the spring, while summer of intense preparatory work already carried out. The new summer styles and colors of the selected work already started in the hands of designers. Only well prepared ahead of time can be in the competitive market invincible.

Lead the trend of casual wear

As the materials less seasonal clothing in summer is the season of low prices of most equipment. Coupled with hot summer weather, people often want to change a couple of days on a set of clothes, summer has become the number of people have the most season clothing and style. Strong Sales of summer clothing that the two main factors.

It is learned into the sales season since, ESPRIT, Wayne Arthurs, Giordano, Metersbonwe other leisure apparel sales were pretty good. Industry insiders say that these brands on the greatest impact on young people’s consumption and leisure to master the current season’s clothing trends, but also more in line with the needs of youth. In a well-known leisure brand of clothing in supermarkets, Shopping guide told reporters that even non-holiday period, the daily sales could reach at least 200,000 yuan.

However, experts advise that consumers should not blindly follow fashion. Face an array of products on the market, to choose for themselves and really really need their own clothing.

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