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How To Create A Killer Sales Page For Your Product By Measuring Its Conversion Rate In Real Time

January 9th, 2019

By Egidijus Andreika

As an online merchant, your efforts should not stop after building your product, then writing a sales letter to sell it and implementing a marketing campaign to direct traffic to your website. You should also pay attention to the conversion rate of your sales page in real time, so you would know how good your product sells. Creating a good product is not all You need to constantly tweak your products sales page and how it does its real job to catch the attention of the visitor and sell your product. By measuring a conversion rate of your sales page, you are able to get a lot of valuable information. It can provide you with a lot of benefits including the following:

Identifying inefficiencies in layout, web design, copywriting, and other website components

Often people judge a website by how it looks before actually looking for what it offers. A site that is difficult to navigate or is full of crappy content will most likely turn off any potential customers. A sales page conversion rate analysis can give you details on what pages the links directed the customers to.

Maximize marketing expenditures

By using information provided in the sales page conversion rate analysis you can optimize the value of your resources. You can focus your resources on aspects of your marketing campaign that need beefing up while improving parts that are already working for you. This way, you can prevent wasting money on strategies that do not work and keywords that do not perform.

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Increase customer sales and acquisition

Since the conversion rate analysis of your sales page can clue you in on what works and what doesnt, you can expect increase in sales and revenues once the inefficiencies have been addressed and the marketing strategies, refocused.

If an analysis of the conversion rate in real-time of your sales page can contribute so much to your ecommerce venture, you have to be familiar about the value of the information it can give. There are several conversion rate analyses you can use depending on where you want to look in like referring domains, search engines, entry pages, countries, and even search pages.

Analyzing conversion rates in real time can clue you in on the following information:

Visit Paths

This part of the analysis shows you where or on what domain potential customers come from. You can also navigate how your site visitors wend their way around your sites, which pages they visited, and how did they go about their visit. You can also see if they downloaded anything and from which part of your website did they leave.

Landing Pages

Since you will undoubtedly have a number of different landing pages on your website, it is important to track which pages turn visitors off and which turn visitors into browsers and customers. Conversion rate analyses can provide you with this vital information in organizing your marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rate analyzes allow you to see the source of customer acquisition, which marketing campaigns turn visitors into customers, and revenue source. This way, you can pattern your marketing campaigns on your visitors behavior so you can get maximum results from their visits. By analyzing your products sales page conversion rate in real time you are able to always tweak and make the page even better. E.g. if you make one small change, you can see how it reflects the overall conversion rate of your product.

An easy way to monitor conversion rates of your sales page in real time is to take advantage of offers made by internet marketing and affiliate networks like Click2Sell.EU. Aside from letting you optimize your marketing campaigns Click2Sell.EU ( http://www.click2sell.eu ) also lets you track conversion rates and even gives you the bonus of advanced tracking by giving you a monthly report for your convenience. By measuring a conversion tracking in real time, you will be able to create a killer sales page that will sell your products like crazy. Moreover, good sales pages attract a lot of affiliates to promote your product. This way you can increase your sales even more and make a good living online.

About the Author: Egidijus Andreika is a creator of Click2Sell.EU

Affiliate Network

. Click2Sell provides its members the opportunity to measure their products sales page conversion rate in real-time and all info on visitors, sales and conversions that you and affiliates generate



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Look Outstanding With Tuxedos

October 11th, 2018

By Hor Shan

We always feel good about getting invitations, it may be a friend’s wedding or could be an official even. Sometime you got to dress up in a “black tie” and you realize that you going to need a tuxedo, this may feel like intimidating. But do not worry the choices are pretty clear-cut and simple. The prime rule of tuxedos is that a black suit is not a tuxedo, regardless of how it is accessorized. If you are not certain what make a tux, here are some of the guidelines:

Trousers and Jackets

They will forever have some type of satin stripe running down the faint of each leg, and they never carry strap loops or cuffs. Presently, the two- or three-button notch collar tuxedo jackets are quite trendy. It’s necessary to go with the style. And while it might not look as official or customary as a shawl collar or a single-breasted peak lapel model, it is normally stylish and generally flattering.

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Accessories and Shirts

What should be purchased, a vest or cummerbund? A bow tie or should go for Euro tie ? How to select colors and patterns? In fact, there is no absolute answer for this. It is all the matter of taste. But there are some things a man need to know before making right decision. Today, vests are more in style than cummerbunds. They are wonderfully traditional and for many, would always be a required component of tuxedo. When it comes to shirt, look for pleats or any textured “bib” at front. Vertical ribbing is very common, but any typical texture is commonly acceptable, with the exception of ruffles. Tuxedo shirts often feature either a design, which accommodates studs in place of buttons or a covered placket, and French cuffs are preferred.

Shoes and The finishing touch

This could be very simple: tuxedo shoes are out-and-out leather shoes. Always have been, always would be. But choosing could be difficult. There are many styles of patent leather shoes available. Make sure that they are comfy, particularly if you are going to be dancing or on your feet for hours. Sometimes it’s the small details, which could make the look. You are getting dressed up, so you as well need to act like it. Get a hairdo and ensure you’ve just had a nice close shave. Your tuxedo would look sharpensure that the rest of you do too. And when you know you appear good, it’s time to concentrate on other things, like enjoying yourself at the big event.

About the Author: Horshan is a article author have a depth wise in article reproduction. He has been working for Men Suit. For further information on Mens Suits and tuxedo suitsand formal suits please visit


or contact me through mail: horshan@gmail.com.



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