Smile Your Best Smile With A Hollywood Dentist

byAlma Abell

Cosmetic dentistry is all about letting people have the smile they want. If you are someone who is not comfortable with the smile you were born with or how it has changed over time, a good Hollywood dentist can help you correct that and give you something to really smile about.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a single procedure, in fact it is a number of procedures all focused on providing patients with the benefits of restorative dentistry. Each of these procedures offers its own set of benefits. Some people see a Hollywood dentist for health reasons, while others want to simply have improvements made to the way their smile looks. This is how a good Hollywood dentist can make you feel confident again and even help improve your social and professional life.

Below is a list of dental procedures a Hollywood dentist can provide you with and the health and cosmetic benefits you will get from each.

Porcelain veneers


Porcelain veneers are one of the most common procedures people come to a Hollywood dentist for. Porcelain veneers help improve any and all minor aesthetic problems patients might have with their teeth, like stained teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, etc, by replacing the front of the teeth with a perfect set of veneers.

Composite fillings

A mouth full of silver can make a decent person look like a sea ravaged pirate. Composite fillings are the same color as your own teeth. Layers of composite are bonded into affected teeth, making them not just look better but also making your teeth much stronger.

Dental implants

A good Hollywood dentist will also be an expert in giving you dental implants and help restore missing teeth, or even all of your teeth. This is one of the most confidence boosting procedures, since missing teeth can greatly affect people’s willingness to smile and be carefree.

Dental implants are made of a titanium alloy shaped like the root of a tooth. This root is fixed into your jawbone. Eventually the bone and gum grow around it and at this point, a dental crown is put on top as a replacement tooth.

Dental crowns

Another procedure that a Hollywood dentist can perform is putting in dental crowns. Dental crowns are ideal for teeth which have suffered a lot of decay, are unbearably sensitive, or had a root canal. Dental crowns are tooth colored and shaped like a natural tooth.


Invisalign is a procedure which can help straighten crooked teeth without any pain, discomfort, or braces. The aligners used for straightening teeth are almost completely invisible, so patients can wear them all the time, and take them out only when they are eating or drinking.

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