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faithdoubt.com » Blog Archive » Is A Loved One Trying To Reach You From The Other Side? 5 Ways To Know For Sure}

Is A Loved One Trying To Reach You From The Other Side? 5 Ways To Know For Sure}

October 13th, 2017

Submitted by: Melissa Van Rossum

Our deceased loved ones reach out to us constantly, and they do it in every way they possibly can. They want us to feel their presence so well know that they are well and that they are not gone. There are many different ways our loved ones try to contact us, some ways are overt, others are more subtle. When you learn to recognize these cues from them, you can enjoy the love and the comfort they are sending to you.

I’m often asked if our deceased loved ones think about us, can see us or give any thought to our experiences once theyve crossed over. The answer is yes, absolutely.

In fact, when our loved ones leave their bodies and go to the Other Side they become acutely aware of subtleties they might not have seen when they were bound to their human body. Our loved ones are aware of what we feel, our joys and our sorrows and they know the challenges we face. They know about our accomplishments and our celebrations and they know of our losses, too. Typically, they know whats about to happen in our lives before we do.

They’re also less encumbered emotionally than they were when they were here. So, they’re often more able to offer much needed love and support and encouragement than they might have when they were here.

Someone once asked me, “If our loved ones are in heaven and they have everything they could need or want, why would they want to come back here?” Let’s turn that question around for a moment.

If you left today, think of how determined you would be to keep up with your loved ones as time moved on. Quite naturally you would want to come back to see your children marry, you’d be checking in on them to know if they were happy, and if not, why not. If you could offer them any guidance to help them, you would; and youd try every way possible to get that guidance to them in a way that they could see or hear or feel it.

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You would want to know what type of parent they’d become, you’d want to be there for the birthdays, the holidays and the celebrations. And when a child’s or parent’s or other loved one’s life was over, you’d want to be there for them when it was time for their transition.

The love we share in our relationships continue on, even in the face of death. Because of that, it’s a very natural instinct for those we’ve known and loved, who are now on the Other Side, to reach out to us. Here are a few ways they do that:



– Our dreams are one of the easiest ways for our loved ones to reach us. At night, when we’re deeply asleep, our resistance and our disbelief relaxes; so it makes it easier for our loved ones to make themselves seen and heard. When we’re awake, it’s too easy for us discount our mystical experiences as a coincidence or a trick of the mind. The mother of a friend of mine deeply enjoyed her frequent, dream-time visits from her husband after he died. She would wake up the next morning feeling deeply loved and connected to him. Our dreams are an open field for our loved ones to be seen and deliver messages of love and comfort. Pay attention to how you feel after youve seen a departed loved one in your dreams and notice how healing those visits are for you.



– Sometimes those from the other side get our attention through certain songs or lyrics. They’re able to bring our attention to the words and the melodies that have a special meaning.



– During a reading with a client, his close family friend from the other side told me that she made her presence known to him by picking out books for him. When I asked him what she meant by that he told me that when he was in book stores that books literally fell off the shelves and into his hands. He often found significance in the titles and sometimes the content of the books. It made him realize she was still watching out for him and had his best interests at heart.


Etheric Scents

– Sometimes loved ones from the Other Side make themselves known by bringing memorable scents to our attention. These smells might resemble a perfume or after-shave they wore, or a favorite drink or cigar they used to enjoy. When Terri smells cigarette smoke (when no cigarettes are around) she knows her uncle is near. When Tom smells homemade chocolate chip cookies for just a brief moment (when none are present) he knows that’s his Grandmother’s way of letting him know she’s with him and watching over him.


Overt Messages

– Our loved ones know about special opportunities to make their messages known well in advance of their happening. Lena, a writer, and her mother walked through the airport on their way on to their vacation. There was construction going on in certain areas of airport so bare sheet rock was often visible as they made their way to their gate. As Lena got off the escalator with her mom, she had a sense of her recently deceased and much loved uncle. She looked to her left and saw the words that were printed on the sheet rock were cut off such that they revealed his name. “Look Mom,” said Lena, “it’s uncle Rocco letting us know he’s still with us.”

About the Author: Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. Her life’s work is to help people realize their dreams by finding their Divine Guidance. Their Way Home shares stories of her encounters with ghosts, who searched her out to guide them home. To learn more, visit

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