How To Choose A Toilet

August 26th, 2018

How to choose a toilet



Bathroom suites, choosing a bathroom suite seems pretty straight forward, but there are many types of suits out there to choose from. Most bathroom suite look very similar, but can be a lot different in quality. If you are planning to but a bathroom suite there are a couple of things to look for.

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Baths, the best type of bath in my opinion is a metal bath, steel baths are a lot tougher and ridged than a fibre glass bath and the finish will last a lot longer. Glas fibre baths tend to loose there shine after a number months and can go quite tired and worn looking. The other snag with some of the cheaper fibre glass baths is that they tend to be very flimsy. If you do intend to buy a fibre glass bath buy the thickest that you can find, 6mm to 8mm. Toilets, most are very alike, but always make sure that the toilet has a in built over flow, they are easier to fit and there is less pipe work to worry about. Back to wall toilets can be hard to fit and a lot of people have trouble fitting them, as the pan connecter is hidden and it is virtually impossible to check for leaks. But an experienced plumber should not have a problem with this type of toilet. Basins, are also very similar, basins with pedestals are always a good choice as the pedestal offers a bit support for the basin, a good idea if you have small children. If you go for a basin that does not have a pedestal make sure the wall you intend to put it on is solid brick or block. This type of basin relies on the wall and the securing bolts for support, so make sure the wall is solid before to buy. Shower base’s, stone resin are the best as they are solid, don’t buy a fibre glass shower tray they crack and are very flimsy. The traps on some glass fibre trays are concealed and when the base is installed there is no access to the trap to check for leaks. Some stone resin shower trays come with an easy plumb kit, this makes the fitting a lot easier and the trap is accessible for maintenance. Shower enclosures, most are very similar, the ones to avoid are the all in one type, if they are not put together properly they leak, the panels and doors are also very flimsy. Try and stick to the standard type of shower cubical as they will outlast the all in one type by a long time. Shower enclosures come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so get the biggest you can afford to buy or your bathroom space will allow.

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