How Fc Barcelona’s Star Players Keep On Winning

June 2nd, 2018

How FC Barcelona’s star players keep on winning


Lance Lycett

There are few football teams across the world, or sports teams from any league or discipline, who provide the kind of excitement and consistent, high quality results that FC Barcelona does. That’s just one of the many reasons why FC Barcelona Tickets are some of the most popular finds for sporting events all across the globe. If you take a look at the current lineup it’s not hard to see why, with one of the greatest ever lineups to grace the football fields.

When you think about the team and its talent, you have to start with Lionel Messi. The number 10 for the squad would also be the number 10 for the entire globe if the whole world fielded one team. A hugely exciting player to watch, he can score with either foot and can defeat single-handed the entire opposition defence at times. Instilling a deep respect – and probably fear too – into the other team, his opponents struggle to stop him.

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When you have Messi on your team, it’s certainly easier for everyone else to get their own work done as well. And they are also aware that with the other team focused on what he is up to if they get into position they have a good chance of making an attempt on the goal too.

One of the newer additions to the FC Barcelona roster is another great striker, David Villa. Villa has a fantastic shot and he can curve it with the best of them. On the Spanish World Cup team and now on FC Barcelona, he always gets himself to open balls and wins toss-ups in order to unleash his great shot and put his team ahead.

Much of Barcelona’s strength comes from the quality of passing, which allows them to dominate possession. With the ball in their control they can make many quick passes, quickly wearing out the opposition. The two maestros in the middle of the field are Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta. Those two will not only frustrate any opponent into submission, they seem to completely control and dictate the game to their own wills and desires.

But even with all of that quality upfront and in the middle, at some point the other team is going to mount its own attack. FC Barcelona isn’t too shabby on the defensive front either. There they have team captain Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique and Brazilian Dani Alves. Then in net, one of the most respected members of the team keeps things solid, Victor Valdes.

That’s the reason FC Barcelona goes on winning, again, again and again. With a cast of stars that starts with – but by no means ends – Leo Messi, they have some of the world’s finest players. And that combination is too good to miss seeing – make sure to reserve FC Barcelona tickets in advance and that way you’ll avoid being disappointed.

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How FC Barcelona’s star players keep on winning

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