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May 26th, 2018

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By Alex Lemone

Like in any other party, games at a bridal shower can bring guests closer together and break through any awkwardness that might be present. A bridal shower is an opportunity for new family members and friends to get to know each other better. Bridal shower games can help add fun and play to the party. Here are some examples of tried-and-true bridal shower games.

*Secret word:

Upon arriving, guests are each given an individual secret word. The first guest to get the bride to say their word, without saying it themselves, wins. They might ask, “You’re looking jittery, how do you feel?” to try and get the bride to say, “nervous.”

*Advice for the bride:

Each guest is given an index card and asked to write their favorite piece of marital advice on it. The bride reads the cards aloud as she collects them and can keep them in a recipe or other decorative box as a keepsake.

*How well does the bride know the groom?

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Have the groom provide answers to a set of questions. Ask the bride to answer as her groom might have answered as you read the questions aloud. There is no winner or loser for this game, but it is fun to see how many questions the bride can answer correctly.

*How well do you know the bride?

In a variation of the previous game, give each guest a list of questions about the bride. Have the bride answer them. The guest with the most matching answers wins.

*Herbs and spices:

Pass around small, unlabeled bottles of herbs. Guests and the bride must guess the identity of the herbs. The one with the most correct guesses at the end of the game wins a small prize.

*What’s in the bag?

Before the party, make a list of items commonly found in a woman’s purse: gum, cell phone, brush, lipstick, pen, planner, etc. The game can be played two ways. In the first, fill a paper bag with the common items listed and give each player a piece of paper and a pen. They are to search the bag, blindfolded, and try and guess what items are in there by touch. In the second, pass around the list and have everyone look through their own purses. The one with the most items in her own purse that match the ones on the list, wins.

*Scrambled words:

Give each guest a list of common wedding words that have been scrambled so their letters are out of order. Give guests 2-3 minutes to unscramble the words. The one with the most correct answers wins.

*Door prizes:

You may wish to give away small door prizes to the winners of the party games. Prizes should be small and can include favors with the bride and groom’s names on them, scented lotion, chocolate, or other small items.

Party games are a great way to get the guests interacting and having fun. A party planner should never become a drill-sergeant, however. If the guests don’t show interest in the games and are having fun otherwise, let the party flow as it will.

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