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Video Game Addiction

December 23rd, 2017

Submitted by: Cathy Peterson

For most of us, video games represent a pleasant break in the day and a source of some entertainment. However a consumer concern group is seeking to raise the understanding in the general public that computer games misuse posses a significant and growing source of addiction in our society. This addiction is real and threatens the lives of many adults and children. It is not limited to children and young adults but affects members of the population at all levels of society and many occupations. However, the biggest threat is to children because they are vulnerable and they may be unable to recover from a serious addition formed at a young age.

People with true video game addictions substitute playing them for normal interaction with friends and family, and the time spent playing them is excessive to the point of interfering with work or school. The time spent at this activity steadily increases as the addiction grows and ending play can bring about withdrawal symptoms of irritability and moodiness. Addictive individuals can spend and average of 70 or 80 hours a week playing these games, reserving little time for work, social life, school or even sleep.

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The signs of an addiction in children are easy for a responsible parent to spot. The biggest symptom is the time spent on the computer playing games. Video game time should be monitored just like television watching and the parent must make certain that both activities take place after the normal activities such as family socializing, homework and chores have been satisfied. If a child falls asleep at school often, it may mean that he or she is using sleep time to pay computer games. The child may then lie about the cause of tiredness. The child may also be irritable when not on the computer playing games. If these symptoms are spotted, it is time for the parent to enlist the child s teachers, friend s parent and a professional to help the child overcome this problem.

Adults are harder to monitor but a boss who notices an employee asleep at work or failing performance will certainly discuss the reasons with the employee. It is unlikely that the employee will admit his activity since video game use is usually characterized by feelings of guilt. Friends who notice a person dropping out of activities and becoming irritable or sullen should become involved and discuss the possibility of this problem frankly with afflicted person. It is not acceptable to sit by and wait for the problem to pass. Video game addiction can advance to physical addiction and symptoms such as Carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleep problems, back and neck aches, dry eyes and an increasing failure to maintain personal hygiene. The video game addict has replaced his or her real world with the virtual reality of the game. This person needs all the interest and help friends and family can give him and probably a healthcare professional and support group as well to surmount this problem.

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Learn To Build A Web Site

December 11th, 2017

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By Victoria

If you want to learn to build a web site you will want to first determine exactly what it is you want your web site to accomplish. Is your web site being designed for personal, informational or monetary purposes? Of course, a well designed web site can provide all of these criteria – it’s up to you which particular aspect you want to focus on.

One of the best ways to learn to build a web site is to start in the beginning, which is planning. Planning will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run. Although it may appear complicated at first glance, you can learn to build a web site and, if planned properly, it can be a lot of fun.

— Use post-it notes while you learn to build a web site, using these to define your navigation or menu can make building a web site a lot less complicated. You can even use different colored notes for each category and move them around until you are satisfied that they are in a logical, easy to understand order.

— Restrict the number of menu choices to eight or less. Spend some time on ensuring that the information you want to provide is organized in a way people expect it to be. No matter how good your content, if your site is too complicated for users to easily navigate, they will quickly click off to pursue another location.

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— While you learn to build a web site, use your imagination as an attention grabber when creating the menu items; however, don’t stray too far from convention as this may confuse your visitors – and result in poor usability of the web site. Once you have the menu categories sorted out you can continue adding the minor pages with additional post it notes. Use one note for each page.

— Using the post-it note approach to planning, you will have ready information on how many pages you will need and the function of each.

Visual Design is how most people learn to build a web site. Take the time to sketch a few thumbnails (miniature designs) of how you want your web site to appear. Sketch each page with the ultimate goal of achieving what you want to display on each page. By sketching your ideas out in paper you will not get distracted with all the details of actually producing the pages for the web site. This will provide immeasurable help as you learn to build a web site.

While you learn to build a web site it is imperative that your web site have an appealing visual affect on your visitors. Take the time to sketch a few thumbnails (miniature designs) of how you want your site to appear. Sketch each page with the ultimate goal of achieving what you want to display on each page.

Once you have determined the overall layout of your pages and their placement within your web site, your next step you need learn to build a web site is to collect your content. Gather together all graphics, text and other assets you plan to use on your site. Put them all in a folder that makes it easier to find.

Learn to build a web site based on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, this will go a long way in placing your web site at the top of the more popular search engines. Search engine spiders rely on keyword density and placement, so as you learn to build a web site, your keyword content should be developed with at least 3% optimization. Try to make it human readable and yet use the keyword you are targeting. Use of the through help the search engines determine what is important. Bold the keyword once on the page and use italics or underline to add emphasis to the key word in other areas.

Try to develop pages that contain important elements without other distractions such as flashing graphics, pop-up advertising and overwhelming fonts. As you learn to build a web site understand that the fewer distractions your visitors have to contend with, the longer they will remain on your pages. Adding a well placed audio or visual can increase the stickiness (the ability of a web page to keep people on the site) of a page.

As you learn to build a web site by following these instructions, you should concentrate on building an easy to navigate web site that caters to your visitors’ needs. If you learn to build a web site that keeps hype to a minimum while providing easy to read and interesting content your web site will stand out from the crowd.

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The Secrets Of Word Of Mouth Marketing By George Silverman

October 28th, 2017

By Ben Sanderson

No product or service could succeed in a competitive environment if it is not properly or effectively marketed. This does create a quandary for so many because marketing does come with costs. Those that are short on funds to launch an electronic media or internet marketing campaign might feel they are in a lot of trouble as far as getting the message out. But, are they really in a lot of trouble? Not if they read The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by George Silverman. This book is truly one of the best publications designed to provide the perfect insight into what is needed to get the message out about what you are selling.

The classic method of word of mouth marketing never goes out of style. This is true no matter how many other innovations develop in the world of marketing. And why would it ever cease to be effective? It can exist an a reliable and effective mode of marketing that can definitely create a buzz that can convert decisions into buying decisions. The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by George Silverman presents some basic insights into how to generate such a buzz. Again, those hoping to market a product without spending an enormous amount of money to do so will find this particular venture well worth exploring.

Word of mouth is not random. Well, it can be but you do not want to rely on randomness when seeking to acquire definitive results. No, a clear strategy is needed and this work by George Silverman will boost the odds that the outcome will be a reliable one. There lays the common misconception about word of mouth marketing: most people assume it is a purely random event. That is a thorough misconception! The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by George Silverman shows you this is not the way to explore this type of promotional activity.

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A strategic process will need to be employed in order for the word of mouth to actually travel. This may seem like a difficult assessment on the surface but it really is not. Those that employ a proper word of mouth marketing plan will “catch fire” as the saying goes. Once it does take off then the potential to experience an infusion of business will be likely. Now, there are no guarantees. The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by George Silverman does not claim to deliver any 100% guarantees. What it does claim to deliver is a proper guideline to boost success potential.

Of course, you also have to do your part in the equation. That means you need to effectively spread the word of mouth of your marketing in the best manner possible. The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by George Silverman does explain how this can be performed.

George Silverman really has hit the proverbial ball out of the park with The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing. This is a book that covers a tremendous amount of information that would be impossible to find elsewhere. Those looking to boost their business potential are advised to check it out.

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