A Guide To Installing New Toilets In A Used Foreclosed Home For Sale

March 11th, 2018

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A Guide to Installing New Toilets in a Used Foreclosed Home for Sale


Jacquelyn B. Marks

While there are many things that may remain useful or even attractive about a used foreclosed home for sale, one thing that you are likely to replace when you do buy a used house would be its toilet. Toilet bowls must be regularly and beautifully maintained if they are to remain completely hygienic and pretty to look at even after just a few months of use.

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If you feel that the toilet bowls installed in the foreclosure house you purchased are not up to your standards, be sure that the replacements you will purchase will indeed be to your satisfaction. Toilet bowls are not exactly cheap, after all.Factors to Consider When Buying Toilet Bowls Here are several factors to consider when you go shopping for new toilet bowls to install in your foreclosed property.Flush There are different types of flush systems used for toilets nowadays. The main difference between single and dual flush, for instance, is that the latter allows you to use the appropriate type of flush when you have liquid or solid waste to dispose of. When choosing the type of flush for your toilet bowl, make sure you look for the kind that has been engineered, as well to keep water usage at a minimum. This will not only lighten the load on your pocket, but on the world’s dwindling supply of water, too.Tank Not all toilet bowls come with their own tanks. The larger the tank your toilet comes with, the less inconvenience you will have to worry yourself about. With a smaller tank, there is always a risk of not having enough water to flush your toilet bowl clean after using it. This can be a problem especially if you have guests around.Height Toilets are built at varying heights. You need to consider this especially if you or members of your household are above or below average height. Although costly, kiddie toilets are definitely safer for your children to install, too.Bidets Lately, more and more households are opting to equip their toilets with bidets of their own. Having one around makes cleaning up much easier and less messier as well. When shopping for a bidet, do not forget to consider its length as well as the available pressure range or strength when it’s being used.Toilet seats and covers Toilet seats and covers are usually offered as an incorporated or built-in accessory with toilet bowls. They are available in various shapes and designs, and you can always opt to buy separate toilet seats and covers if you wish. Some, for instance, may prefer a padded seat for their toilet bowls.Amenities If you want to make your newly purchased foreclosed house extra comfortable or even luxurious, then you should search online for photos of toilet bowls in Japan. The Japanese without a doubt have the most luxurious and technologically advanced toilets in the world, with automated buttons for heated seats, in-room audio and even an automated pressurized wash.

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